Announcing that Mindwarm Incorporated, the developers of SwipSwap, has launched the first FREE peer-to-peer contact sharing app with a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface. SwipSwap lets users instantly share contact information in-person in a very simple and efficient method that requires no interruption of schedules to perform.
The app is perfect for those wishing to swap or share information, break down contact details or export them to other programs. Thanks to the user-friendly interface and increased speed of the application, it can take mere seconds to use, meaning a busy person’s efficiency is not hampered in any way. In fact, SwipSwap adds organization to anyone’s schedule.
SwipSwap can easily let an entire group of people share contact information using its unique meeting feature, which only requires a few screen touches no matter how many people are in the group. SwipSwap meetings can be optionally PIN-protected with a four digit number to preserve privacy in public places.
Once a user has selected the information to send, there is a chance to preview and edit before pressing the ‘send’ button. This can help with double checking of details and address.
Features of SwipSwap:
– Free- Fast start up
– Bluetooth and WiFi peer-to-peer support
– Easy navigation, touch responsive
– Animation while changing screens
– WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface
– Meetings feature to allow an entire group of people to exchange contacts
– PIN-protection of meetings for privacy in public places
– Filter profiles to view specifically desired information
– Send any contact from your address book
– Share information with peers in-person
– Optional time and location stamping of each contact exchange
– Available in English, French, German and Spanish
– Track and analyze swap and meeting history for free
Simple and easy is always good, which makes the interface of this app a refreshing feature. All of the information is presented in the same way that it will send, using SwipSwap’s WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) format. SwipSwap is the first contact data management app to offer WYSIWYG.
Anyone looking for another reason to love SwipSwap doesn’t have to go far. Optional registration at is available for users to set up a private account to track and analyze SwipSwap swaps and meetings for FREE. By logging on to the SwipSwap website, they can see a history of who, what, when and where their information is swapped. Did we mention that it’s free?
SwipSwap can also post updates to social networks when a user meets someone. Meetings can be optionally auto-tweeted to Twitter, FriendFeed and Shizzow. SwipSwap is fully compatible with Swip and receives all information Swip can send. SwipSwap allows sharing of name and phone number information. Upgrading to Swip adds email and postal addresses, photos, notes, URLs and more.
SwipSwap is the must-have app for anyone who is busy or wants to move contact information around without having to retype it into multiple applications. It makes short work of an important part of the networking process. Users only have to see it, share it and they’re done.
Device Requirements:
– iPhone and iPod touch
– Requires iPhone OS 4.0 or later
– 1.0 MB
SwipSwap 5.0 is free and available exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.