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Bizzy is Perfect Mix of Yelp and Foursquare

09.26.2011 | Author: Greg Dawson | Leave Your Review
I’m a big fan of Foursquare and while I like leaving “tips” at the places I check-in at and earning badges such as “I’m on a boat”, I’ve always wanted more integration of a rating system for the places I’ve explored kind of like Yelp offers. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised to find Bizzy, a […] Continue reading this post…

Naught to Lose with “Naught” for iPhone

09.23.2011 | Author: Jennifer Beam | Leave Your Review
Naught is a unique gravity-platform game for iPhone with no in-depth storyline, no color, yet an eerily artistic appeal and gameplay that’s addictive.
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Contre Jour HD is Epic Mix of Art and Immersive Gameplay

09.16.2011 | Author: Greg Dawson | Leave Your Review
With an E3 debut earlier this year and a Game Critics Award nominee nod, Contre Jour HD is an epic mix of art and immersive gameplay. This is one game that I’ve been waiting for all year and it’s way better than I could have imagined. And it definitely demands the larger screen of the iPad […] Continue reading this post…

Infinity Field is Asteroids on Crack for iPhone

08.30.2011 | Author: Greg Dawson | Leave Your Review
At one point in your life, you will find something that impresses you so much that you want to tell the entire world. For me, at this point in my life, it is Infinity Field, the award-winning geometrical shape blasting masterpiece. Is it the definitive dual-stick shooter on the App Store? Yes, I would have […] Continue reading this post…

Current Events Stream By on FLUD for iPad and iPhone

08.25.2011 | Author: Barbara Holbrook | 2 Comments »
Ever sat back and thought “Gee, I wish my news feed had more of a ‘Hollywood Squares’ feel to it?” Truth be told, you probably haven’t evet thought that. But, trust me, it’s much more elegant than it sounds: An ordered grid of news and social content can speed up your daily browsing by letting […] Continue reading this post…

Word Wizard Turns Kids into Spelling Whizzes

08.22.2011 | Author: Jennifer Beam | Leave Your Review
With school back in session, the power of Apple’s touch devices as an educational tool is certainly timely. Parents and teachers looking for apps that assist in learning may want to take note of a new app by L’Escapadou called Word Wizard. Word Wizard is a talking, moveable alphabet app that focuses on […] Continue reading this post…


Catch the Kid App Tracks Billy the Kid in New Mexico for $10,000 Award

08.18.2011 | Author: Greg Dawson | Leave Your Review
Geochaching and iPhone apps, two of my favorite things, have combined to bring a bit of fun and awareness to the state of New Mexico. The Catch the Kid app, created as a campaign by the famed creatives at M&C Saatchi for the New Mexico Tourism Department (NMTD), is a very large-scale scavenger hunt for […] Continue reading this post…


Color Range is Next Generation Photo Editing App for iOS

08.17.2011 | Author: Greg Dawson | Leave Your Review
As a photo addict, I’m always on the hunt for iPhone photo apps. The latest and greatest is Color Range, an iOS app that specializes in adding selective color effects to pics in your iPhone or iPad Photo Library. The developer promises this to be a revolutionary tool that can read the color range of […] Continue reading this post…


Connectrode Definitely Connects with Puzzle Fans

08.08.2011 | Author: Jennifer Beam | 1 Comment »
Looking for a thought-provoking and completely original puzzle game to occupy your mind? Look no further than Connectrode – a new puzzle game developed just for iOS by a team of independent designers. Connectrode takes similar puzzle genre games like match-three, Sudoku, and brick breaker and turns them upside down in a simple, but elegant […] Continue reading this post…


Google+ iPhone App has Potential

08.05.2011 | Author: Greg Dawson | 3 Comments »
The headlines over the last few weeks have been a buzz about Google’s new social networking site. One of its most touted features is its circles option, which allows you to share information with certain groups of people, friends, colleagues, etc. There seems to be a lot of users already, but only time will tell […] Continue reading this post…