From playing Interactive games to winning monetary rewards, Generative Dungeon NFT could be your window to be a part of the next-level NFT gaming. Generative Dungeon NFT is a collection of 3000 Interactive playable NFTs based on the Ethereum Blockchain.

As of 14th Feb 2022, Generative Dungeon NFT is a pixel art project that has 26.1K followers on Generative Dungeon NFT Twitter. And on the Generative Dungeon NFT Discord server, the project has 19.5K members – quite massive right?

The best part of the Generative Dungeon NFT project is that this is the first gaming NFT project that you can play directly on OpenSea.

To know more, we urge you to go through this article to the end, as we are going to cover all the special features of Generative Dungeon NFT, which includes the gameplay and price prediction.

Generative Dungeon NFT: Some Quick Facts 

Number of NFTs: 3K

Generative Dungeon NFT Floor Price: 0.84 ETH

Number of Owners: 1.9K

Volume Traded: 3K

(As Of 24th February 2022)

Generative Dungeon NFT Game: The Next-Level NFT Gaming Has Arrived

Generative Dungeon NFT is an arcade-style gaming NFT project that will take you to the era of 90s gaming. The graphics aren’t the primary focus here, but the special traits are. The developers have ensured that the owners get a great gaming experience through this gaming NFT project.

Generative Dungeon NFT Floor Price

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Generative Dungeon NFT Mint Price

The project was launched on 3rd February 2022 where the Generative Dungeon NFT mint price was 0.10 ETH. The minting was only limited to the whitelisted ones and the reveal time was set for 48 hours after minting. The whitelist spots were only given to those who were constantly active in the community.

The project mastermind Dungeon Master wanted to create an NFT collection that is new to the NFT fraternity and offer an interactive experience. The Generative Dungeon NFT project stands out as it is not one of those static NFTs or JPEGs, but they move – and more importantly, they help you win rewards.

While other NFT projects offer you avatars that you may use later on in the Metaverse gaming, the Generative Dungeon NFT project is offering you playable NFTs that is a game in and of itself.

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The Generative Dungeon Gameplay – The Game Design

We must appreciate the developers to create 3000 dungeons with so many unique traits. The Generative Dungeon NFT project is offering 20 unique avatars and 50 unique monsters and 24 unique starting zones. To offer an uninterrupted gameplay experience, the developers have optimized the floors so they can load instantly.

Each dungeon is a playable NFT and unique. Each dungeon is designed for a different gameplay experience. For example, if one dungeon asks you to collect gems in a maze-like environment, the other might ask you to fight the monsters in an open green field or in-between the fire pits.

The number of floors in each dungeon will affect the rarity score. The number of floors can go from 10 (min) to infinity and differs according to your NFT. The more floors you have, the rarer your Generative Dungeon NFT will become.

Certain avatars know magic and can cast spells. But to get them, you need to play the game as it will be revealed only through gameplay.

Generative Dungeon NFT Roadmap

To keep the community engaged throughout the year, the Generative Dungeon NFT developers are focusing on gameplay, character creation and a fair incentive system.

Soon, the team will release free generative avatars (only gas fees). This will allow the holders to choose and play the dungeon games with their favourite characters. So, for example, if your NFT had a built-in dwarf for your dungeon, but you want to play with a Wizard, the new generative collections will make it possible.

Next in line, they have the Generative Quest project where you may expect to get new quests, weaponry and monsters. According to the developers, this will give the players a new perspective on the Generative dungeon gameplay.

Play To Earn port is their greatest asset so far that is set to launch by the end of 2022. With this mode, you will be able to make passive income by playing the dungeon. The owners will also be allowed to rent their dungeons to others to play and earn money from it.

During the same time, the team is also planning to launch the Generative Dungeon governance token –but more info is yet to come.

They are also considering different ideas to offer more streamlined gameplay. For multiple Generative Dungeon NFT owners, the team is also planning to connect different dungeons within the same wallet by creating a portal. With this portal, the owners can import avatars from one dungeon to another.

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Generative Dungeon NFT: Current Price Stats

How To Buy Generative Dungeon NFT

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If we are to assess the Generative Dungeon NFT price stats on OpenSea, we will see that on 3rd February 2022, the average price was 0.34 ETH with a trading volume of 117.82 ETH.

The price was at its peak on 6th February 2022 when the Generative Dungeon NFT average price was 1.59 ETH with a trading volume of 1693 ETH.

Since then, the project is progressing steadily and in the last 7 days (as of 15th February 2022), the average price was 0.79 ETH with a trading volume of 293.93 ETH.

How To Buy Generative Dungeon NFT?

All the playable NFTs were sold out from the official website and are now only available at the Generative Dungeon NFT OpenSea marketplace. Some of the Generative Dungeon NFTs are available for direct sale, while others are only available via auction.

Official opensea page visit here:

To join the process, all you have to do is to connect your digital wallet to the OpenSea marketplace and buy some ETH coins (if you don’t have enough).

Generative Dungeon NFT Price Prediction

Whenever an NFT project does something unique, it becomes a sensation – and that’s what has happened to the Generative Dungeon NFT project. The community is filled with like-minded people and the floor price is also quite reasonable compared to the unique features. The project will likely attract more attention after launching the play-to-earn mode. Besides, the game can be played directly from the website, at OpenSea and even from your smartphones. Being a Generative Dungeon NFT holder will not only satisfy the inner gamer within you but will also help you earn rewards and crypto-currency as you play.

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