Got such a large music library that creating playlists is daunting? What if you could create a playlist, based on your mood, with a touch of a button? Essentially, that’s what HABU does. It’s a music app that analyzes the songs in your music library and populates them into a “mood bubble” and then allows users to choose to listen to the music in their chosen category. Mood categories range from sentimental to alienated and brooding – so whatever you’re feeling, HABU music creates the playlist for you.
Besides categorizing the songs in your current music library into mood-based playlists, HABU music also helps users discover new music that fits into every mood category. Want to discover music that evocative or intriguing? Just switch HABU from “My Library” to “Discover” and dozens of songs will be suggested and can be previewed from within the app.
HABU spans nearly every imaginable genre of music, so discovery of new music and unfamiliar artists is easy. HABU music uses Gracenote’s technology to match mood profiles and music and can match an estimated 30 million global songs, but it does have its limitations. It doesn’t recognize or categorize songs that are stored in a user’s library with incomplete, inaccurate or mislabeled information. Therefore, it’s possible that any song in your music library that didn’t come directly from iTunes won’t be recognized. So if you’ve torrented songs or have a slew of independent, lesser known tracks, it’s a pretty good bet they won’t get analyzed.
The short-falling limitations of analyzing aside, those songs that do become populated in the mood bubble are easily accessible with a mere tap. This means a playlist to suit nearly every music-listening mood. When you’re looking for a playlist to work out to and then another to relax to, it can be as simple as launching HABU and selecting the appropriate mood. HABU has a friendly user-interface and allows users to manage moods with 25 different profiles or micro-manage with 100 different mood profiles. Simply touch the screen and drag your finger to quickly explore all the possibilities.
HABU music is available for just .99 and all in all does a pretty good job of grouping music and streamlining the management of playlists – especially for those with an extensive, mainstream music library. They are also working on improvements to the analysis of music to include more obscure tracks. So whether your music library is big or small, using HABU music is a good way to listen to the songs you’re in the mood for with the tap of a button – no building custom playlists, no skipping and no wasting time…