budgeting-appsLet’s face it: the economy is in a slump, and these days getting the most out of every cent really matters. Some people make ends meet with a second job, others cut costs and make their lifestyle as frugal as possible. Whether you’re trying one of these approaches or something completely different, all the fiscal responsibility in the world won’t help if you can’t keep track of your budget! In our busy world, it can seem impossible to find the time to manage our personal finances, but rest assured that in finance — as in so many other areas — there are apps that come to the rescue.
In most cases, you don’t need to splurge on an app to help you pinch pennies. Read on to learn about six of our favorite iPhone apps for budgeting your money and managing personal finances.
budgeting app 1
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Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it was forgetfulness that got the cat’s Internet connection shut off for nonpayment. Learn from this feline example by downloading BillMinder, an all-in-one service that will ensure you’ll never again miss a payment. BillMinder allows customers to enter a series of customized bill payment reminders that can then be shared among the all of the your iOS devices. Tracking overdue bills and scheduling upcoming payments has never been simpler.
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Also known as EEBA, the Easy Envelope Budget Aid allows for on-the-go expense categorization and recording. EEBA’s “envelopes” are categories in your personal household budget. EEBA provides a monthly graph of your budgets in these categories and shows how you’re doing compared to your target expenses and past months. The “envelope system” is popular because it folks that plan their expenses in advance have a better chance of meeting their savings goals — as long as you have the discipline! And, if not, at least you identify areas where you’ve gone over-budget in a snap.
budgeting app 3
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Spendings takes the concept of expense recording and simplifies it with a sparsely elegant design. In one click you can see a list of your dated and timestamped expenses. Adding to the list is a matter of seconds. This simplicity really adds to the app’s usability; after all, budget software isn’t going to help anything if it’s too much of a pain to use every time you make a purchase. Spendings functions as the ultimate stable, secure, and simple expense tracker, a key part of any budget.
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The things kids spend their money on often may seem incomprehensible to those who don’t earn allowances, but we all remember what it’s like to have money burning a hole in our pockets. Teach your kids how to make a budget and track their finances with iAllowance. This kid-friendly app does more than manage an allowance, use it to track chore completion and offer non-financial rewards. Set up multiple banks to manage multiple kids’ allowances or categorize money depending on where it came from (allowance, gift, etc). Read our full review of iAllowance.
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Mint.com is a well known and widely respected money management system. This is no mere expense tracker, Mint is a sophisticated finance tool that reports on bank accounts, investments, cash reserves, retirement savings, and more. Mint can automatically populate its budgets from your bank’s website or download bill reminders to keep you current with creditors. Their secure servers meet all industry standards for keeping your personal financial information safe. More advanced than other apps, it’s a true all-in-one solution.
budgeting app 6
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Checkbook HD provides a dual-entry accounting system similar to a paper check register. Unlike its analog cousins, however, this balance sheet will create and export all your past transactions as a searchable log and maintain a wealth of charts detailing the specifics of your expenditures. Checkbook HD takes all the guesswork out of money management: if you spent it, you’ll see where and when. Checkbook HD can also be set up to schedule recurrent checking transactions such as repeating monthly bills. Its combination of versatility and ease make it a strong choice for households looking to set up a budget.
What apps do you use to manage your money? Leave a comment and let us know about your favorite finance apps.