Max & Ruby Max’s Mole Mash is an old school mole mashing game, the kind that used to be at arcades or children themed restaurants. The game is based off the popular children’s cartoon Max & Ruby. If you have a child under the age of three you are probably familiar with the show about a rambunctious little rabbit and his older sister.
Max & Ruby Max’s Mole Mash is a fun and interactive game for your iOS devices that focuses on increasing your child’s fine motor skills and pattern recognition. The mole mashing game is exactly what it sounds like. A mole will pop up from a hole and your child has to hit it with a mallet before it disappears.
The game is simple to use. All your child has to do is touch the screen and a mallet will appear and hit the spot that was touched.
While mashing during Max & Ruby Max’s Mole Mash different objects will appear that your child must decide whether to hit or not. The clocks that appear through the mole holes will give your child more time to mash moles during the level, but your child must make sure not to smash any flashing toys because they will lose points.
Max’s Mole Mash game has two modes Arcade and Puzzle. Arcade mode consists of hitting the moles as they appear from their holes to accrue points. Puzzle mode focuses more on pattern recognition, as moles with different color helmets will pop up and your child must only hit certain colors.
Both Modes in the Max & Ruby Max’s Mole Mash games have eight different themes: bedtime, Halloween, holidays, valentine, summer, fall, winter and spring. The game play is the same for each theme, with the only different being the background design for each setting.
The developers at Watch More TV Interactive Inc. recommend that the Max & Ruby Max’s Mole Mash game is used by preschool age children. I would say the age recommendation is two years and above. My daughter is a little over a year old and cannot play the game on her own, but has a blast when I help her mash the moles.
The Max & Ruby game is available on both the iPad and iPhone devices. I believe the game works better for younger children on the smaller iOS devices since they can hold the device easier and feel more in control of the gaming experience. The game might also work better on the iPad for older children who are used to playing with a larger device.
Max & Ruby Max’s Mole Mash is a delightful game for the iOS devices. If your child is a fan of the Max & Ruby series then this app is perfect for you. If your child is not a fan, this app is still fun and engaging for children looking to be entertained.