Are you searching for Cyberkongz review 2021? Do you want to know if Cyberkongz is legit? Would you like to know how to buy Cyberkongz NFTs?

On 3rd March 2021, Cyberkongz has released 1000 unique Gorillas/apes, which are quite cool. Without any pre-release or widespread advertisement, Cyberkongz NFTs gained popularity among NFT enthusiasts. Within a while, the 34/34 images have gained massive popularity as social media profile pictures, even when no one was talking about it.

According to the official website, Cyberkongz has claimed to have some of the finest NFT developers and designers in the DeFi universe. Just after a few days of their inception, Cyberkongz has released their token i.e. $BANANA. Now they are ready to make 10 $BANANA tokens daily and will continue it for the next 10 years.
Cyberkongz Review
If the owner can burn specific $BANANA tokens, they may customize their Cyberkongz characters, like changing their name or creating a unique bio. And that is not it – you can even breed and incubate one of 4000 Baby Kong with different characteristics.

But, can we trust Cyberkongz!

To answer your queries, we will share some of the most valuable data regarding Cyberkongz, like what is Cyberkongz, Cyberkongz market price, where to buy Cyberkongz, and what the future holds for Cyberkongz NFTs – So, read thoroughly.

Cyberkongz NFTs: What Is This?

Cyberkongz has expanded the family in 3 parts:

  1. Genesis Cyberkongz
  2. Baby Kongz
  3. Cyberkongz VX

What Is Genesis Cyberkongz?

They are part of the first 1000 Cyberkongz – among which 10 are legendary. These Kongz are not only the coolest ones, but they are the only ones to give $BANANA daily. A Genesis Kongz is designed to produce 10 $BANANA daily for the next 10 years. Genesis Kongz is perfect for using as a profile picture for your discord or Twitter account.
Some of the other fascinating parts of Genesis Kongz are:

  • You can set the bio by utilizing $BANANA
  • Give funny nicknames by utilizing $BANANA
  • With $BANANA, you may breed two Genesis Cyberkongz to create 1 Baby Kong and 1 VX mint
  • Make $BANANA/day
  • Gain advantage of unlocking Cyberkongz discord server channels

What Is Baby Kongz?

To secure the future of this Kongz fraternity and to add more gorillas, MYOO – the mad scientist has created a cybernetic breeding process to create Baby Kongz. Even though the Baby Kongz are cute, it requires 600 $BANANA to fuel the process.
Some of the other fascinating parts of Baby Kongz are:

  • Create a story for your Baby Kongz using $BANANA
  • Give names to your Baby Kongz utilizing $BANANA
  • Gain advantage of unlocking Cyberkongz discord server channels

What Is Cyberkongz VX?

As the NFT space is filling with 2D avatars, Cyberkongz has introduced 3D voxel-based/VX avatars that can be utilized in the Sandbox.
What Is Cyberkongz VX
There are a lot of Cyberkongz VX are available to be downloaded in the .gltf file.
The creators have also started reward-based content, where you can create personalized Cyberkongz VX. The winner will depend on how your gorilla lives, what sort of dress or hat it wears or if it is good or evil – and anything you may think of.

The winner will get a prize amount of 5 ETH, while the participants will get 3000 $BANANA.
Some of the other fascinating parts of Cyberkongz VX are:

  • Enter the Sandbox and other metaverses
  • The models are downloadable
  • You will get to unlock #verified –lounge on Cyberkongz discord server

Cyberkongz NFTS Sales Statistics

Cyberkongz Current Price Trends (As Of 7th September 2021):

Cyberkongz Sales Statics
There are 3.3K (3,456 to be exact) Cyberkongz NFTs are available in
The current floor price for Cyberkongz NFT is 2.49 ETH.
The traded volume amount is 9.2K ETH with 1.1K owners.

Cyberkongz Trade Volume (As Of 7th September 2021):

According to the reports of nft-stats.Com, in the last 7 days, the Cyberkongz NFTs were sold 316 times with a combined trading volume of USD 4.8 Million. The average price of last week was USD 17,300.
Cyberkongz Trade Volume
According to the last 7 days statistics (as of 7th September 2021):

  • 10% Cyberkongz NFTs were sold for <=USD 7.9K
  • 50% Cyberkongz NFTs were sold for <= USD 9.6K
  • Top 10% Cyberkongz NFTs were sold for => USD 11.6K

Recent Cyberkongz sales (according to

  • Cyberkongz #542 was sold for USD 290.7K
  • Cyberkongz# 632 was sold for USD 176.6K
  • Cyberkongz# 236 was sold for USD 171.2K
  • Cyberkongz# 622 was sold for USD 171K

How To Buy Cyberkongz NFTs?

Cyberkongz NFTs are available on and Rarible, and here’s how you can get them:
How To buy Cyberkongz NFTs

  • Go to the
  • Log into your wallet
  • Look for Cyberkongz VX
  • Click on your favourite Kong
  • Make a bid with the “Make Offer” option or you may click on “Buy Now” (For OpenSea)
  • Make an offer with “Place a bid” or you may choose “Buy for XX ETH” (For Rarible)


Cyberkongz may be new, but as soon as they launched their gorillas/kongs, they have gained mass popularity. Besides, the current sales statistics and price trends are talking in their favour.

They are also giving rewards for participating in creative activities. You can also use your customized 3D Kong characters for community games.

From our research, we can say that Cyberkongz is legit, but you should always remain sharp when trading new NFTs.

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