Mutant ape yacht club NFTs or MAYC NFTs is the side project of one of the most prestigious NFTs – Bored ape yacht club NFTs or BAYC NFTs. 
Soon after the Mutant ape yacht club NFT drop on 28th August 2021, the Bored ape yacht club NFT holders took Twitter by storm – talking about its awesomeness.
Here in this article, we will dig deeper into this project so you may understand why this is one of the finest and most dominating NFT collections available in the Metaverse. So, read until the end so you don’t miss out on anything.

What Is Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT?

Mutant ape yacht club NFTs
Source: Bored ape yacht club

Before we start our Mutant ape yacht club NFT review, it is important to get familiar with the story behind it. 
Mutant ape yacht club NFTs or MAYC NFTs are a collection of 20K mutant apes. These NFTs cannot be acquired ordinarily, as you have to expose the bored ape NFT to a vial of Mutant serum. The other way of getting them to mint them during the public sale. 
At the start, Mutant ape yacht club mint price was fixed at 3 ETH. The price will go low very slowly over the span of 9 hours and will become 0.01 ETH.
If you go through the Mutant ape yacht club website, you will feel the same vibe and see the same location. The only difference is that the mutants are living inside an arcade machine or in the basement of the bored ape yacht club. 
If we are to talk about the looks, they are only the mutant version of the bored apes. You may even see the illustration on their website where there are two mutant versions of Curtis (Bored ape). 

How Does The Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT Vial Works? 

MAYC Mutant serum is available in three stages:

  1. M1
  2. M2
  3. M3 (Mega Mutant)

According to the image shown on the website, the bored ape will have the same look after being exposed to M1 and M2 serums. But, what will happen with the Mega Mutant serum is still a mystery.
 An existing bored ape NFT holder can use the serum to earn a new NFT while retaining the old one. 
The creators haven’t set any limits to using the Mutant serum. However, the BAYC holders were not allowed to use the serum until the Mutant ape yacht club public sale is over. 

Visit Mutant Ape Yatch Club NFT Opensea Page

How Are The Distribution And Pricing Happening At The Mutant Ape Yacht Club? – Which Marketplace to Buy?

Although 20K MAYC NFTs were released last August, 10K was reserved for the BAYC Holders. The other half is available for public sale and can be bought from Mutant ape yacht club OpenSea marketplace.   
This is an amazing idea as the current Bored ape yacht club NFT floor price is sitting at 52.42 ETH. From this point of view, BAYC NFTs can be taken as a premium membership for the ape club. 
However, it is very hard for most people, especially the new NFT enthusiasts to own a BAYC NFT. That is why, the creators have kept 10K Mutant ape yacht NFT, which will allow newcomers to the bored ape yacht club ecosystem – expanding the community. 

Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT Stats 

Mutant ape yacht club NFT Vial works
Source: Bored ape yacht club

There are 16.2K MAYC NFTs (16,861 to be exact) are available at the OpenSea marketplace. There are only 10.2k owners, so we can assume that some people could be holding more than one Mutant ape NFTs.

The current Mutant ape yacht club floor price is 6.98 ETH with a trading volume of whopping 114.8K ETH. This might seem a bit lower than MAYC NFTs, but much higher in terms of NFT standards. 

According to the reports of, 2439 MAYC NFTs were sold in the last 7 days. The trading volume was USD 81.2 Million with an average price of USD 33.3K. 

The least 10% Mutant ape yacht club NFTs were sold for USD 22.1K or less. However, half of them were sold for less than USD 30K, but the top 10% were sold for more or equal to USD 43.1K.

The Future Of The Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT

We have been quite positive about MAYC NFTs since the start and we hope that you can understand why. So, if you want to get into an NFT project and have a good amount of funds in your hand, you may consider buying Mutant ape yacht club NFTs. There is a good potential of future airdrops with heavy giveaways – and the price is likely to go much, much higher.
So, before the prices of these NFTs skyrocket, you might want to ape in! 

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