Cool Girls World NFT is a 10k collection of NFTs made up of 100 cool girls base layers with lots of cool and bright layers. In this project, there are many different types of NFTs, like queens and warriors and people. This makes each CGW NFT unique.

The CGW project has a lot of cool art and long-term projects for the community. According to the CGW team, 75% of the project money goes to the Cool Girls World community members.

Cool Girls World NFT Team – Background.

The NFT team at Cool Girl World comprises engineers and artists with backgrounds in coding, art, and marketing. The upcoming art will be supplied to holders for free. Their Community wallet will create projects and allow the community to vote on them.

Cool Girls World Anime Art Mint Price & Drop Dates.

The minting price for the Cool Girls World Anime NFT is 0.02 ETH. The drop dates for the project are expected to be from March 08th 2022, to March 15th 2022.

There are Six different Anime types for the project, which are as follows: Hybrid, Golden, Alien, Demon, Robot, Leopard, Human. CGW NFT has created digital artworks for a variety of anime characters. CGW’s unique currency can be utilised in their Metaverse City, and holders can mint Mutant CGW and Cool Wolf NFT for free.

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