Orchard Farm Productions presents a dramatic turn of events with their Stoner Cats NFT collection. With 10420 Stoner Cats NFTs and 1000 more for every new character in the show, the creators have brought their years-old comic belief to reality. The Stoner Cats NFTs link you with Ms. Stoner’s life and showcase how the five stoner cats mysteriously try to help their owner.

While the rest of the show is a mystery, Stoner Cats NFT gets you VIP access to watch all Stoner Cats exclusive content as the project hits different milestones. Let’s find out more about the Stoner Cats NFTs rarity, roadmap, floor price, and where to buy them from.

The Story Behind Stoner Cats NFT

With the best talents in the team, Mila Kunis looks forward to building a sustainable channel between content creators and viewers, removing all the corporate and bureaucratic jargon.

The Stoner Cats NFT teaser sets the ambiance in Ms. Stoner’s house, who suffers from Alzheimer’s and consumes marijuana for medicinal purposes. However, as soon as she tosses the plant in the fireplace, the mischievous cats get high and start talking to each other, and the journey to save their owner begins.

The Stoner Cats cast brings personalities from different industries like Vitalik Buterin, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Seth MacFarlane, Chris Rock, and Jane Fonda to play inspiring roles in the show. Apart from this, the teaser depicts the mischievous cats as troubleshooters; however, they ended up creating bigger troubles. Therefore, purchasing the Stoner Cats NFT will bring in a realm of adventure and thrill for the owners.

Stoner Cats NFT Project Statistics

Stoner Cats NFT Floor Price

Image credits: stonercats.com

The Stoner Cats NFT Project came out on 27th July 2021, and the 10420 NFTs were out in 35 minutes. While the Stoner Cats NFT mint price stood at 0.35 ETH, Ms. Stoner NFT was sold on OpenSea for 30 ETH due to its rarity. As of 4th March 2022, the floor price stands at 0.3 ETH.

Stoner Cats NFT Quick Roadmap Analysis

Creators have divided the roadmap into three broad categories: CoCreation, Giveaways, and Community, and linked the same with the completion of the Stoner Cats NFT sale. 1% of the sale proceeds (both primary and secondary) goes to Alzheimer-related charities, and the NFT owners have the right to select the trust.

With the 20% sales milestone, creators will giveaway special POAP tokens and aim for Movie Poster NFTs for 50% completion. We see benefits above 70% sales completion like exclusive access to backstage operation and merch selection.

On the other hand, Stoner Cats NFT provides a portal to participate in the content creation process and indulge in finding various story elements. In the end, producers wish to develop a DAO and co-create new animation for the next 3 years.

Stoner Cats NFT aims to upend the Hollywood industry’s traditional financing activities by channeling the fund back to the audience. Similarly, it opens up doors for other creators to use the financial model and decentralize the Hollywood financing culture.

Stoner Cats NFT RarityWhere To Buy Stoner Cats NFT

Image credits: stonercats.com

With Stoner Cats NFT Mila Kunis brings in 10420 avatars in her first NFT launch. The show looks forward to introducing 3 new characters in Season 1. Being ERC-7211 compliant, the Stoner Cats NFT rarity shows positive signs and is based on 11 traits and 376 sub-traits. Other NFTs like Ms. Stoner with higher rarity are available as well.

Stoner Cats NFT Price Prediction

The fast sell-out rate and love for the show reflect the enthusiasm of the community. With revolutionary ambition, the creators are all set to decentralize the financial ideologies in the Hollywood industry. With the launch of new characters, we can see a rise in the NFT prices very soon.

Future For Stoner Cats NFTs

With philanthropic goals and co-creation agendas, the creators of Stoner Cats NFT are all set to send a message to the big players. Different giveaways and participation activities will keep the NFT holders engaged and give their wallets some good numbers.

With Big names from Hollywood invested in this project and the fun and engaging utility it offers, a Stoner Cats NFT is a cool one to hold in your wallet. Find out more from the Stoner Cats NFT website and the Stoner Cats NFT Twitter page.

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