The Ape Kids Club takes a unique approach to NFTs. Ape Kids Club NFT is a group of 9,999 young apes who have sprung from our mystical tree of a thousand years. The caricatured apes are one of the most attractive NFTs encountered so far. Project-based learning (Digital literacy of the virtual currencies), merchandise that excites the users, dance parties, charity, and other easter eggs that might be incorporated in future games and the utility is well illustrated in the roadmap.

Considering the future utility of the NFTs, one shall consider onboarding new participants into NFTs, as well as the queries that one frequently asks about NFTs. This is the ideal initiative for bringing youngsters and beginners into the NFT environment. It encompasses all of our values. Amazing art, a well-told tale, a well-thought-out idea, and practicality.

Ape Kids Club NFT: A Sweep Into The Ape World 

Each Ape Kid Club NFT offers access to a private Discord community, and there are a total of 309 distinct qualities with varying levels of rarity. A miraculous, thousand-year-old tree spawned adorable baby apes, as per the project’s legend. All of the newborn apes were brought to their new homes by a swarm of storks, but as they came of age, their parents left them with Victorior, the kindest educator in the halo universe. Ape Kids Club NFTs is a website dedicated to educating children and professionals about NFTs and the metaverse. 

Ape Kids Club NFTs Pricing Details: MINT Price

You can mint at Ape Kids Club nft mint price [ They can be purchased on the Ape Kids Club OpenSea site

The cost of a pre-sale mint is 0.04 eth + gas.

The cost of a public mint is 0.05 ETH Plus gas.

1 free mint + gas and 1 whitelist will be given to OG youngsters. 

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Ape Kids Club NFT Team:  You Don’t Wish To Miss The Brilliant Minds Behind The Curtain 

Victorior, better known as Kun Vic, is a Thai artist who has been working as a digital artist for over half of his life, since 2009. He has previously created and animated several art concepts previously, above & beyond. Li is the co-founder of the project and TFG,  the co-founder & head of marketing make up the project’s core crew.

Ape Kids Club NFT Roadmap

Ape Kids Club NFT Roadmap On Your Tips 

The first one on the Ape Kids Club roadmap is going to be “ back to school” 

An interactive learning channel and discord. Now, this is going to be where they bring on experts in the crypto industry to educate one more about the crypto and NFT world and Ape Kids Club floor price.

Well, more learning is always great, fellas!

With that being said,

The next one is ‘The Lemonade Stand’.

This is exclusive merchandise for the holders of the collection that holds super exciting stuff!

The Dance Party – Rumbaalaa-Zoombachahca!

This holds a surprise for ALL OF US!

This is a top-secret dance party – they are not ready to reveal yet!

Lowkey – we all are excited since we know we’ll love it!

    Kids Give Back

Here they are going to be giving a percentage based amount to charity moving forward with their project. 

Well, it’s amazing to experience this, it is heartwarming and shows commitment towards the community.

Wiping tears and moving on ….

Kid’s Presents – Ape Parents gift Ape Kids a special surprise

The kids present for Christmas …

That’s right – Every single Ape kids club nft holder is going to get a special gift on Christmas.

Now, exactly it is not revealed yet, but Christmas surprises are always fun and super exciting!

4 Easter egg traits

As the story continues they have some hidden easter eggs inside of their nfts. Four of them to be exact and if we can find them and put these clues together we shall be able to unlock their secret plans for the future projects

How exciting can it get gentleman!

The Roadmap Locks You At The Edge Of The Seat But Why Should You Splash Out On This?

Well, your Kid Ape gives you access and membership to their discord community in which you will be able to be part of the Back to School Channel, the Lemonade Stand, the Dance Party, among other planned surprises in their roadmap.

Not just that, if you own OG Ape Kids Club you will be able to claim your new ape kids club NFTs here that can let you mint additional Ape Kids Club NFT at 0.04 ETH + gas.

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