As previously noted, the NFT frenzy may have appeared to be calming down for a time, but it has been burning behind the scenes.
According to crypto analytics company DappRadar, the NFT market surpassed gross sales volumes of USD 2.5 billion in the first half of 2021.
Non-Fungible Penguins
                          (Source: cryptonews)
The Penguin is an official part of the Pudgy Penguins community, which may be found in the metaverse’s very cold arctic region.
Pudgy Penguins are Eths NFT collectibles that have grabbed the eye of the mainstream media, including The New York Times.
Every penguin in the gallery of “8,888 loving full Pudgy Penguins flowing around on the ETH chain” has a variety of accessories, including shirts, spectacles, caps, and various hairdos, including a basic mohawk.

Pudgy Penguin 6873, with a cost of ETH 150 (USD Dollar 484,230), is currently the most expensive possible last deal on this market, with a cost of ETH 1,000. (USD 3.23 m).
The alternative is 5678, which was formerly priced at ETH 100 (USD Dollar 322,820) and is now priced at ETH 999. (USD 3.2 m).
Meanwhile, if you’re wanting to buy a Penguin, the first most premium ones are currently worth ETH 3.2, or around USD 10.270.
Well, there’s 48-hour bidding going on for a joint Penguin — this is the organization’s first collaboration, and it was with artist ‘Gossip Goblin.’
According to the organization, all proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Global Penguin Society, a global collaboration dedicated to the conservation of penguin species.
According to CryptoSlam, the total amount of Pudgy Penguins transactionns in the last 24 hours was around USD 12 million.

To this time, there have been 838 buyers and 828 vendors, indicating that there is more demand than Pudgies.
In comparison, the well-liked CryptoPunks made USD 4.3 million in sales today, but the surging Axie Infinity made USD 29 million.

The following are the prices for Pudgy Penguins:
#6873 is valued at around $469,000,
#5678 is valued at around $315,000,
#7365 is valued at around $217,000,
and #1516 is valued at around $175,000

OpenSea also reveals 4,300 Pudgy Penguins owners, with an average daily rate of ETH 1.55 and an exchanged sum of ETH 14,568, worth USD 47.03 million.

Penguins are the only JPEGs I’ve ever wanted to purchase solely for the art, not the money or the status.
The rest of the JPEGs are quite unattractive.
I apologise,” DeFi Alliance accelerator Qiao Wang stated.

The penguins are “adorable and enjoyable,” according to Andy Chorlian, the founder of Fractional Art, and while he “get[s] why NFT users wouldn’t want to see these perform well when it feels like people are boosting it,” some of these points will develop as NFTs do.

“It’s difficult to distinguish the maker from the invention in NFTs,” he explained, “but then what do users do when people do and like an NFT from a person they don’t like?”
Do you plan on forking the project?
Do you tie things up for them so they don’t have to pay fees?”

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