Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs have experienced a continued boom ever since the start of the year and now the professional American football team Tampa Bay Buccaneers player Tom Brady is getting on the NFT action. DraftKings Marketplace which backs secondary market transactions is launching its first NFT collectibles developed in partnership with Tom Brady’s
Tom Brady To Launch His First NFTs
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Brady’s Autograph collection will be live starting Wednesday, August 11, 2021, at the NFT sales happening on the DraftKings Marketplace. Later, signature editions featuring the seven-time National Football League (NFL) Super Bowl champion Tom Brady’s authentic digital signature will take place on 13 August 2021.

Canadian former National Hockey League (NFL) player and former head coach Wayne Gretzky will be there in the next preseason access collection.

Autograph’s first preseason pass collection will also feature skateboarder Tony Hawk, Japanese professional tennis player Naomi Osaka, American former professional baseball shortstop Derek Jeter, and golf player Tiger Woods. Many other world-known sports stars are coming to join the company’s NFT ride.

Brady via his official Twitter handle shared the excitement of dropping the first-ever Autograph Premier preseason passes. Every single owner of a Preseason Access Pass will get privileged access to future drops from Autograph. It is a new era of collecting, he said.

A finite number of NFT collectibles will be unveiled by each featured athlete. This comprises Premier drops and Signature drops. Signature units are the signed versions of NFTS by the athletes. The Tom Brady NFT Premier collection will be launched first. Signature editions will drop on the DraftKings Marketplace subsequently. Other than Tom Brady’s limited NFT, collectors will be free to obtain certified original content from other well-known athletes and collections.
Fans and collectors can purchase the collectibles launched by Draftkings on both and DraftKings’ platforms. They are allowed to buy NFT collectibles – with each featured athlete dropping a limited number – within the PreSeason Access Collection, through mobile or desktop.

The non-autographed units will be valued between $12 and $100 each. For autographed units, the value is $250 and $1,500.

For a short time, DraftKings will retain all assets in its own controlled environment. Soon the assets will be accessible to the Ethereum mainnet. Then the owners of the NFTs can withdraw and pass on their assets.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Brady found a new craze in the crypto world and in April this year founded his own dedicated NFT company called It had advisors from many sports and technology companies like Apple, Spotify, and Draft Kings. Through this platform, Brady is allowing sports fans across the globe to secure a chance at bidding on autographs from some of the world’s prominent athletes. The Autograph has already been making visible trends in the sector. The new association with DraftKings is another leap forward as the NFT market is booming and in H1 2021 market reached around $2.5 billion in transactional value.

In June, Brady, and his wife Gisele Bündchen signed an agreement with FTX. Both Brady and Bündchen will be taking an equity stake in FTX based on this long-term agreement. In return, they will receive crypto. Brady will also appear as the brand ambassador for FTX while Bündchen will take the role of FTX’s Environmental & Social Initiatives Advisor.

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