Are you searching for the Best NFT Metaverse projects?. This article sheds upon the best breakthroughs in the Metaverse world with NFTs, of this year (2022). With Facebook rebranding itself as Meta, a lot of companies march towards the Metaverse. Well, what is it? Imagine living in a simulation, where the world itself is just virtual reality, and the rules of life apply there too.

The NFT metaverse is a digital universe. Where you can buy land, open your store, and take the form of your favorite cartoon character, among others. And with the Blockchain Revolution, NFTs being afloat, it’s seemingly paving a meandering yet mighty way for the Metaverse to be developed.

Since digital identities, digital land, and digital assets, need a sense of ownership and individuality, NFTs make it colossally convenient for the Metaverse to produce these.

The Explosively Exquisite World Of NFT Metaverse Based Projects 

This section of the article strives to unearth concepts around the Metaverse, and the role of NFTs within.

What Are NFT Metaverse? Explained!

Best NFT Metaverse Projects Of 2022 To Watch

In 2022, Facebook, now Meta, founder: Mark Zuckerberg released an 80-minute video settling their goals for the future, as a company, and their robust belief in the Metaverse as a concept to redefine computing and technology as a whole. 

Metaverse is a 3D simulation that has a worldly ambiance to it. According to Mark, presence, as a characteristic, is what defines the Metaverse. Blockchain eases the process of bringing elements to the Metaverse, like buying a virtually simulated horse as an NFT, making it very easy to verify the ownership over the horse. 

To sum it up, Metaverse is essentially a virtual Earth- Earth 2.0, where businesses and digital economies can thrive, sales and purchases can be made, interactions can ensue, and a community can be created.

NFTs As The Building Blocks Of The Metaverse

Since the Metaverse boils with infinite possibility, storing that much data is delicate and dicey. As far as User Experiences go, players would want maximum customizability. With avatars, from the color of their hair to the house they live in, to the car they drive, to even the planet they want to visit, again, infinite possibility.

Hence, to make these experiences unique and personal, NFTs do their job. Metaverse NFTs are essentially digital representations of physical assets, like a car, or a name. And in the Metaverse, avatars, virtual land, and even names are being sold as NFTs. This criss-cross between the Web 3 world with the Extended Reality community (Metaverse) resulted in many collaborations and profits, this year. 

Metaverse NFT Projects play the role of identifying the ownership of a digital asset that takes 3D form in the Metaverse. Thus solving the problem of storing the data. Since the data stored on the Blockchain is immutable (cannot be changed) and irrevocable (cannot be reversed), that already solved key security issues that could exist in the Metaverse.

Best 7 Metaverse NFT Projects Look For In 2022

As of Christmas 2022, the Metaverse NFT Market cap lies at 27.6 Billion Dollars. With more and more influx of investments coming in every other day, it couldn’t be clearer how much the world wants this

Hence, are the top 7 Metaverse NFT Projects from 2022, in no particular order:

1) Axie Infinity: Top Virtual Islands Metaverse NFT Project

Axie Infinity: Top Virtual Islands Metaverse NFT Project

Inspired by Pokemon, Axie Infinity Metaverse NFT is a role-playing game world. Depending on the game mode, players fight against each other. They use Axies to go against each other. In the Metaverse NFT scheme of things, there are different virtual islands, there’s the internal token, called AXS, and there are these Avatars called Axies. They are NFTs. They can be traded and bought on Axie’s very own Marketplace. Its coin price rose by 50% in the month of October. Because of its intuitive governance, and value to the community. 

2) Sandbox: Popular NFT Metaverse Gaming Project

Sandbox Popular NFT Metaverse Gaming Project

Sandbox is a Metaverse NFT product. Like Ethereum houses tools like Solidity to code Smart Contacts on it, Sandbox makes use of the same philosophy and provides a platform for users to create games in it. It is a Metaverse with a collateral reach toward digital assets, NFTs, and Smart Contracts. It uses tools like VoxEdit and Game Maker to create its game-producing ecosystem. 

3) Illuvium: Best In-Game NFT Metaverse Project In 2022

Illuvium Best In-Game NFT Metaverse Project In 2022

Illuvium is another example of a governance-based NFT Metaverse built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Here, players, called Illuvials, on an alien world, corporate and team up to save their land, and battle with other teams. And the in-game currency is a Crypto token called $ILV, this helps with governance. The items exist as NFTs and since they are integrated with Immutable X, the gas fees to purchase them are zero. Adding more value to this Project.

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4)Aurory: A Strategic NFT Metaverse Game Based On The Solana Chain

Aurory A Strategic NFT Metaverse Game Based On The Solana Chain

Aurory is a strategic NFT Metaverse game based on the Solana chain. It’s similar to Illuvium, with its Alien environment, and Aurorians as NFTs that can be traded. It was the most selling NFT on the Solana chain. Its token is $AURY and it predicts the governance of the different types of game modes. Since Solana is growing at a large scale, it is safe to say Aurory is here to stay. 

5)Decentraland: NFT Metaverse Based Virtual Reality Platform

Decentraland NFT Metaverse Based Virtual Reality Platform

Decentraland is an exclusive virtual reality platform that is decentralized and enables users to create, experience, and monetize their content and applications. Lands worth millions are traded, and users can buy a plot of land, i.e., virtual estate.

6)Enjin: Best Metaverse NFT Project With Great Community

Enjin Best Metaverse NFT Project With Great Community

The most unique NFT Metaverse Project on the list is Enjin. With its rapidly growing community base, it’s making waves in the Metaverse market. Its idea of the Metaverse is called MetaverseMe, and it’s a mixed reality platform, which allows people to base Avatars in the real world, using AR technology. It’s partnered with various gaming giants like Atari to bring rewards in the form of exclusive access to games on platforms like PS5, to the holders of its token, Enjin Coin.

7) Render Token: NFT Metaverse Projects For Rendering Assets In VR Or AR

Render Token NFT Metaverse Projects For Rendering Assets In VR Or AR

This one, in the NFT Metaverse project list, ends the list with a bang. Currently, VR and AR tech is expensive to get hands-on. Render tokens will, in a certain way, reduce the cost of rendering assets in VR or AR. Via Render Token Metaverse and its decentralized infrastructure, unused computer processing power can be utilized to render digital content.

And there’s a few hundred more. These run on creative principles and have immense scope. Hence, investing in them makes sense if you’re willing to play and join their community. The communities are extremely tightly knitted and hence function as a team when it comes to deciding the future of the Project.

Future of Metaverse NFT Projects 

This article strives towards equipping you with the latest trends in the NFT realm, with compact lists of the best NFT Metaverse Projects out there. In order for any NFT project to succeed, the core essential factor is trust. Trust in a community strengthens its monopoly. 

The Metaverse is like a reset button, a new land, a new fountain of opportunity, so step right in, and immerse yourself in the future. The future is now. 

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