Sympathy For The Devils is another NFT that is blowing up the metaverse. Know all about this NFT Collectible from here.
The sales and steady growth indicate great potential for the future. Apart from the cool artwork, there are some great things that are worth knowing about the SympathyForTheDevils. 
Their animated design comprises a wide assortment of colours which gives it a huge advantage over others. Also, the creators give a part of the sales and profits to the token holders. Let’s find out more amazing things about Sympathy For The Devils.

What Is Sympathy For The Devils NFT?

Sympathy For The Devils Review
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Sympathy For The Devils NFT is a collection of 6666 randomly generated NFTs. Their unique design shows Devils living in the NFT-Hell. The project is quite ambitious and just like most NFTs, the creator(s) of these artworks has decided to keep his or her/ their identity unknown. 

The artworks carry more than 166 character traits which make each of them one-of-its-kind. SympathyForTheDevils also claims to offer passive income to the token holders. It means whenever a token is sold from the website or partner websites, a part of the profit will be shared among the token holders.

As a part of the profit, holders will be able to buy other tokens like Apes, Cool Cats, Punk, and more.
The end goal of SympathyForTheDevils is to sell all the tokens and start a merch store where token holders will have access to buy limited edition merch. Also, there will be a free-to-mint feature on the website where holders will have the freedom to mint creative NFTs of their own.

Sympathy For The Devils Sales Statistics

Sympathy For The Devils Sales Statistics
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The sales numbers of SympathyForTheDevils are quite impressive even when you consider the sales of the last 7 days. Some of the tokens have reached a record price which has baffled the entire blockchain community.

SympathyForTheDevils NFTs started selling on August 17, 2021, and the numbers have been going up and down since. However, the prices reached a peak point on September 03, 2021. In the last seven days, SympathyForTheDevils has sold 2,300 tokens. 

The total sales value of the token has reached a whopping $4.3 million. This gives a fair idea of how much people are attracted to the token. Furthermore, the SympathyForTheDevils average price has managed to stay a steady amount of $1909. 

Sympathy For The Devils Current Price

The Ethereum community has been especially intrigued by Sympathy For The Devils tokens which have majorly affected its prices. The recent value of the tokens has reached a considerably higher point than the time they were introduced. 
Its top-selling token ’SFTD Devil #2947’ was auctioned for $26.4k 7 days ago but currently, it is priced at 14 ETH or $49,433.70. Considering the traits included in the design including Punk Blue Background, Polo shirt, Airpods, Sleepy Eyes, Diamond Horns, etc. investing in this token can be a good move. 
As of September 9th, 2021 the average price of SympathyForTheDevils token touched $1.6k.

Volume Of Sale:

Not just the price, but the number of Sympathy For The Devils tokens sold over time is also something that one cannot ignore. To date, SympathyForTheDevils NFT has sold around 50 tokens.

In the last 7 days, around 10 per cent of tokens were sold at an average price of $723. 90 per cent of tokens were sold for $3140 in the last 7 days. Moreover, the highest average for SympathyForTheDevils tokens has been recorded at around $1777. 

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How To Buy And Where To Buy Sympathy For The Devils NFT:

Where To Buy Sympathy For The Devils
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Buying SympathyForTheDevils NFT is quite easy as you can buy them from To purchase a SympathyForTheDevils token you will have to create an account on the website so that it gets easier to track your purchases in the future. 

Once you have registered on, you will have to connect your NFT wallet such as Dapper to make the purchase. Alternatively, you can create a wallet with MetaMask which is compatible with 
With the website account and an NFT wallet in place, you choose from different NFTs available on the website. If a token has been released recently and very few people are interested in it; you can buy it right away. 
If you wish to buy an owned token, you can place a bid and participate in the auction. If you turn out to be the highest bidder, the artwork will be sold to you and added to your NFT collection. 
Soon, SympathyForTheDevils’ official website is planning to launch a feature called ‘Hell’s Kitchen’. With this feature, members will be allowed to mint their own NFTs. 


SympathyForTheDevils NFT can be a great purchase or investment. Its unique design and creative artwork can surely fetch a good price sooner or later. The profit dividend is another essential factor that you can consider when buying the SympathyForTheDevils NFTs.

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