Web3 Entertainment technology moves forward to revolutionaries the music industry with their Chill RX NFT. With RIAA certification and 9999 different avatars, Chill RX aims to build an independent community of musicians and artists decentralizing the corporate monopoly in the industry. With Chill RX NFT in the wallet, one can be a part of this culture and be an equal partner in the movement.

Chill RX NFT Opensea brings an opportunity for everyone to participate in the accolades and attend the Chill Pill Music Festival in summer 2023. Let’s dig into the Chill RX NFT rarity, roadmap, mint price, price predictions, and how to own one avatar in your wallet.

Chill RX NFT – Quick Overview

Chill RX NFT Items – 9963
Chill RX NFT Owners – 4.1K
Chill RX NFT Floor Price – 0.044 ETH
Chill RX NFT Volume Traded – 757 ETH

A Sneak Peek Into The Chill RX NFT

Chill RX NFT Mint Price, Rarity And Roadmap Analysis

Image credits: chillrx.io

Chill RX NFT is backed by Sidney (two times Grammy award winner) and other award-winning players in the house. Chill Pills are often referred to as the placebo pills of the music industry as it commits to decentralizing the corporate culture by diluting the ownership with every Chill RX NFT owner.

With ambitious goals in hand, Chill RX NFT creators are all set to lock in a Grammy award and let the collectible owners be a part of it as well. Apart from it, access to private discord channels allows NFT owners to raise their concerns and contribute to influencers’ initiatives and actions. The NFT creators also share their ambition to allocate funds to artists in need of financial help. In the end, all the commercial rights and access to tokens and DAO stays with the NFT owners.

With the NFT rights, owners will have exclusive benefits like VIP Access to Industrial events and pre-release access to songs. Similarly, one will have exclusive rights on the merch and thus, can participate in the giveaways. With utmost importance, all the awards won by the creators will be added to a secure treasury that is under the Chill RX NFT’s commercial rights. Artists can even fund their projects with the philanthropy allocations under Chill RX NFTs. In the end, every NFT holder gets a pass to CHILL PILL Innovative Music Festival 2023 and their own virtual vegas residency by the end of Phase 3.

Chill RX NFT Project  Sales Date And Mint Price.

While the pre-sale took place on 19th February 2022, the public sale went live on 20th February and was sold in 11 hours. Similarly, the Chill RX NFT mint price was 0.08 ETH, and the floor price stands at 0.119 ETH as of 2nd March 2022.

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Chill RX NFT Roadmap Analysis

The roadmap for Chill RX NFT has been well-diverse into 3 phases. Phase 1 initiates the movement to decentralize the corporate cartel by reaching out to more creators and artists and helping them join the community.

In Phase 2.1, the Chill RX NFT creators inch closer to accomplishing their 10-year-long ambition by organizing decentralized events and singles with artists like JVKE and BBNO$. On the other hand, creators will conduct philanthropic roles by providing funds to the ones in need.

While Phase 2.1 sounds exciting, Phase 2.2 unleashes album drops and a new range of NFTs and merch giveaways. With 40 decentralized singles, Sidney aims to win the Grammy award and share it with the Chill RX community. Creators would also look out for Tokenomics updates keeping financial security intact.

Phase 3 unlocks all the madness an artist could imagine. From arranging real-life industry events to providing VIP-only meetups and program access, owners will have a different metaverse and augmented NFT gallery to explore.

In the later phase, one can expect to attend mini-festivals and Grammy voting to encourage artists via fan votes. With this unique opportunity, artists can influence the music industry with their creative visions and knowledge.

Chill RX NFT Rarity

Chill RX NFT Rarity

Image credits: chillrx.io

As we know, the Chill RX NFT brings in a limited collection. With 808 CHILL PILL for reserved, pre-sale, and whitelist NFTs each, 7575 NFTs were out for public sale. A total of 11 traits and 443 sub-traits differentiate the NFTs giving avatars the rarity they deserve. Every CHILL PILL brings in exclusive VIP access to music concerts (both in real life and metaverse) and an opportunity to point out valuable concerns in the music industry.

Future For Chill RX

With the grand agenda to change the music industry, this RIAA-certified music brand is all set to play an important role among the community members. Overall, Chill RX NFT is a wholesome project with ambitious goals and has planned several activities for the NFT holders. You can also get a chance to feature your NFT in a music video!

To know more, check out the Chill RX NFT official website and follow their Twitter for more updates.

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