The Cryptoids NFT is all-set to create a journey in the metaverse with their cute interactive NFT pets. With 1000 NFTs in their first launch, The Cryptoids NFT acts as an open world for owners to interact and engage in different activities to unlock special content and rewards.

While, all the pet lovers, will get an exciting tour with the Cryptoids NFT in their wallet; their close ones can also visit the site and engage with the Cryptoids. Adding to the benefits, the Cryptoids NFT is based on an incremental-development process that opens a world of possibilities for the owners.

Let’s check out more about the Cryptoids NFT mint price, rarity, roadmap, price prediction, and where to buy the Cryptoids NFTs.

The Cryptoids NFT Project – Quick Overview

The Cryptoids NFT Floor Price 0.59 ETH
The Cryptoids NFT Items 1000
Owners 809
Volume Traded 660 ETH

The Cryptoids NFT: The Parallel Reality

The Cryptoids NFT brings in a new adventure for owners to nurture their NFT eggs into their pet of dream. With exclusive bonuses and rewards, leveling up in the game becomes interesting.

Different features are unlocked as one moves forward with the metaverse, increasing the NFT’s rarity. Being NFT owners, individuals need to cover every functionality from feeding, cleaning, and petting the creature to breeding with another cryptoid in the metaverse.

The game expands into a parallel reality with the launch of new functionalities. Apart from breeding, treasure hunt and love-meter are two other primary objectives that can increase the value of your cryptoid.

The Cryptoids NFT Mint /Public Sale Date & Price

The Cryptoids NFT Floor Price

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While the genesis version has been sold out, the 1000 NFT creature eggs are owned by 813 individuals as of 8th March 2022. All NFTs were sold on the minting date of 19th February 2022 at an average cost of 0.159 ETH + Gas. However, the creatures are yet to be explored in the metaverse as new features are introduced.

On the other hand, The Cryptoids NFT mint price stood at 0.12 ETH + gas and we expect the same for non-genesis collection (launch in April/May). However, with a rise in popularity, the mint price can vary in the future.

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The Cryptoids NFT Roadmap Analysis

How To Buy The Cryptoids NFT

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Developers have divided the Cryptoids NFT roadmap into three phases, with the third one still a mystery. Phase 1 of the adventure reveals the core characteristics by engaging with the owners.

As time passes, owners can check which family their creature belongs to. With different interaction tools in the metaverse, owners can find exclusive features which increase NFT rarity.

While developers introduce new eggs and adventure, owners can play mini-games and earn XP to buy cool animation in Phase 2. With higher XP in the wallet, users can hatch their eggs to meet their cryptoid.

By Phase 2’s beginning, all the eggs will be hatched, unleashing a new world of possibilities. As one accumulates more coins, newer decorations and backgrounds will increase NFT’s rarity. Moving forward in the virtual world, one can increase the four different attributes (intelligence, speed, cuteness, and strength) with the mini-games available.

In the end, with higher XP levels, the cryptoids will move forward for breeding and treasure hunts to unleash special skills not spoken about yet.

The Cryptoids NFT Rarity

Currently, the cryptoids NFT’s rarity is based on 94 traits with an uncountable number of sub-traits in creation. The rarity traits are well-structured to divide the Cryptoids NFT into seven families with individual exclusive powers.

Similarly, the cryptoids are situated in 8 different islands adding up to the expected rarity. The developers plan on enhancing the features with better modifications in the future.

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The Cryptoids NFT Sales Statistics & Volume 

The Cryptoids NFT received a huge response as they sold out all the NFTs in their genesis sales in mid-February. While the average cost for each NFT stood at around 430 USD, the Cryptoids NFT floor price stands at $1578.52 (as of 8th March 2022).

Developers have started unveiling the cryptoids on their Twitter page as the Cryptoid NFT trade volume rose to 637 ETH or 1.6mn USD.

The Cryptoids NFT Price Prediction 2022

As the Cryptoids metaverse develops, different attributes will be introduced, giving numerous possibilities to the adventure world. While owners are nurturing their eggs with love, the NFT collection has seen a rise in its floor price. Therefore, owners can address different decors and grow the rarity with time. And as more eggs are introduced, new attributes will make the metaverse available to more people and with that will also increase the price of the NFTs. Therefore, the price predictions are to the higher end for the year 2022.

How To Buy The Cryptoids NFT?

As the mid-February sale is over on the official website, users must visit the Cryptoids NFT Opensea page to explore the collection. As of 8th March 2022, all 1000 NFTs are available for sale on Opensea. Therefore, grab one while you can!

The official page link for Opensea Access here:


Unveiling a new world for gamers, the Cryptoids NFT has thousands of features to explore! This new world of possibilities is an interesting medium to interact with fellow collection holders as breeding, and treasure hunts set the environment for growth in one’s wallet.
With beautiful NFTs, a solid team and community, and an option for in-game purchase, we can expect the Cryptoids NFT project to boom!

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