Paytm is a leading digital payments and financial services app in India. It allows users to make seamless payments, money transfers, online shopping, travel bookings, and more. With millions of users, Paytm offers 24/7 customer support across various channels to resolve any payment, transaction, or account-related issues promptly.

This detailed guide will provide all the necessary information for Paytm users in India to get in touch with customer care and get all the problems fixed right away.

How To Contact Paytm Customer Care Via Call?

How To Contact Paytm Customer Care Methods

Calling Paytm customer care is the quickest way to get your issues resolved. Based on the type of issue, you can call the relevant customer care numbers.

Step 1: Main Customer Care Helplines

  • For any general queries or assistance, call the 24/7 Paytm customer care helpline at 0120-3888-388. This number works for all individual customers.
  • Merchants or business accounts can call the dedicated Merchant Helpdesk at 0120-3366-3377 for any support needed.

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Step 2: Department-Specific Helpline Numbers

Along with the main helpline, Paytm has provided dedicated customer care numbers for specific services:

  • For banking, wallet, payments, UPI, and general account-related issues, call 0120-4456-456.
  • To contact customer care for Paytm Mall for any order, return, or complaint related to shopping, call 011-3377-6677.
  • For any grievance related to bus, train, or flight ticket booking on Paytm, call travel customer care at 95553-95553.
  • If you wish to provide feedback or suggestions to improve Paytm’s services, call 0120-4770771.

How To Contact Paytm Customer Support Via Email?

If calling is inconvenient, you can also email Paytm customer care to resolve your issues. Check out the steps listed below!

How To Contact Paytm Customer Care Steps

Step 1: Logging Into Your Paytm Account

  • You will need to log into your Paytm account on the form using your registered mobile number or email ID and password.
  • You can also scan the QR code on the website using the Paytm app, which will auto-fill your login details.

Step 2: Accessing the Customer Support Form

  • On the Paytm app, go to your profile and tap on ‘Help & Support’ and then ‘Contact Us’, which will open the email support form.
  • Alternatively, visit on your computer and click on ‘Raise a complaint’ to access the form.

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Step 3: Choosing the Right Issue Category

  • Select the category that best describes your issue from options like Payments, Banking, and Orders on Paytm, etc.
  • If unsure, go with the category closest matching your issue.

Step 4: Explaining the Issue in Detail

  • Describe your issue in detail in the complaint message field provided.
  • Mention your name, email address, order ID, or transaction reference number if applicable.
  • Providing proper details helps Paytm support understand and resolve your issue faster.

You will get a response from Paytm customer care on your registered email ID within 24 hours. If the issue requires more information, the support representative will reach out to you. Follow up promptly to get your problem resolved at the earliest.

How To Connect Paytm Customer Care Through Live Chat?

How To Contact Paytm Customer Care Support

Paytm also offers the option of live chat for immediate assistance. This is available for users in India during working hours.

Step 1: Access Live Chat

  • On the Paytm app or website, look for the live chat icon on the bottom right.
  • Alternatively, you can also go to the Help & Support section and click on Live Chat.

Step 2: Start the Conversation

  • When you initiate a new chat, you will have to enter your name, registered mobile number, or email ID along with details of your issue.
  • A customer care executive will respond shortly to start troubleshooting your problem over chat.
  • If no agents are available, you may have to leave your details for a callback.

Paytm In-App Chat Benefits

  • The live chat allows you to directly interact with an agent in real time and get quicker resolutions.
  • You can explain your issue in detail and get instant responses without waiting on calls or emails.
  • If your issue requires investigation, you can save the chat transcript for future reference.

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How To Contact Paytm via Social Media?

Though not ideal for urgent issues, you can also tweet or post on Paytm’s social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get customer support.

1) Contact Paytm Through Facebook

  • Comment your issue on Paytm’s official Facebook page or send them a direct message.
  • Avoid spamming the page and wait patiently for a few hours for their response.

2) Contact Paytm Through Twitter

  • Tweet your issue to @PaytmCare by mentioning @Paytm.
  • Use direct/private messages for confidential matters.

3) Contact Paytm Through Instagram

  • Comment on Paytm’s Instagram posts politely, asking them to contact you regarding your issue.
  • As engagement is lower here, resolution may take over 24 hours.

Tips for Contacting Paytm Customer Support

  1. For the fastest response, always call customer care or use live chat for urgent issues.
  2. Have your order or transaction details handy when contacting support.
  3. Clearly explain your problem and provide all relevant information.
  4. Be patient and do not spam social media or emails excessively.
  5. Save any communication with Paytm customer care for future reference.


In summary, Paytm provides multiple customer care mediums like calls, email, live chat, and social media 24×7 to users in India. By contacting the relevant helpline numbers, providing detailed issue descriptions, and saving communication records, you can get optimal assistance from Paytm’s dedicated customer support team and get your problems resolved promptly.

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