As a society, we’re enthralled with video. In fact, YouTube exceeded 2 billion video views per day in May 2010 and there are 24 hours of video uploaded every minute. However, every video is not a must see epic blockbuster. Enter, Videolicious, the “fastest way to create great looking videos.”
The biggest fun factor for me is the ability to record yourself telling a story that will then be used as your main narration for the back story of your video. You can use it to show a fun trip to the zoo, a great kayaking adventure or while road tripping to Vegas. The possibilities are endless.
For instance, I used Videolicious to document a day of my daughter and I hanging out. Being able to tell our story of playing in the yard, watching her take a few steps and topping it off with a ride in the stroller was absolutely amazing. I didn’t have to download video, take time to splice and edit and do a voiceover. I simply took a few videos, launched Videolicious, recorded a quick video of me narrating the day and then selected music as background noise. Very easy to do.
The app literally walks you through step by step on how to select video, photos and music and is a all-in-one documentary style editing bay that also allows you to share via email, Facebook or Twitter.
It’s amazing looking at how far video capabilities have come since the days of the personal camera recorders back in the day. Now, it’s all captured, edited and shared to your friends in one little app powered by the iPhone or iPad 2.
If you’re into creating editorial videos, you’re in luck. Videolicious also has partnered with Lucky Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, SELF Magazine and ReadyMade and allows you to upload videos directly to them for possible inclusion on their website.
Of course, there are several ready made templates offered by Videolicious such as restaurant review, auction or sales, thank you note, etc. that will help your videos shine even more. And the new updated version 1.1.1 improves compatibility with larger image libraries, allows HD Video mode to have no length limit and increases shot limit to 20 and finally, it allows you to use front facing or rear facing camera.
While it might not make you the next Scorsese, Videolicious will definitely help you standout from the crowd in three easy steps of choosing your shot, telling your story and selecting your music. It’s that simple. The rest is magical.