You Shake iLaugh is the first iPhone app by developer Roman Reyhani and it does exactly what the name promises – you shake your iPhone and an animated mouth on your screen will laugh.
You Shake iLaugh lets you choose between a male and a female mouth but while the image of the mouth is different, both laughs sound undeniably male, adding to the weirdness of the female option. Shaking the phone gently will result in a giggle and increasing movement of the phone causes the giggle to turn into laughter and eventually into an hysterical laugh.
There is no denying that You Shake iLaugh will cause you to smile but the line between fun and creepy is easily crossed here. Designed to make you smile after a long hard day , You Smile iLaugh will do exactly that for some users but just as weird clowns can be slightly disturbing, the concept and execution of this app can bring a similar feeling to mind.
But for anyone who is amused by the sound of unidentified laughter and needs a quick uplift in their day, You Shake iLaugh will be fun for a little while.