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skygrid-iPadSkyGrid joins a growing field of news aggregators that compile articles from across the web.

SkyGrid seeks to separate itself from the pack by compiling news into relevant topics. For example, the “What’s Hot” section lists trending news and articles from multiple sources. Tapping on a topic then generates a list of articles from multiple sites and publications.

If you want a more traditional news browsing experience, you can still look through articles by categories, such as politics or entertainment. SkyGrid is a universal app and adapts itself for each iOS device so users get the best experience possible whether they're using iPhone or iPad. On the iPad, it makes good use of the side panel in landscape mode while allowing for full-screen browsing when in portrait mode.

However, when tapping on a news topic the articles were not always consistent. For example, when I tapped on a story, "Twitter Hit by Bug" the selected news articles included articles about the rumored Facebook phone, an Android Twitter app and an article about 50 Cent creating a Twitter account for his dog. The search function also had some hiccups – a search for “iPad” pulled in articles about sex abuse cases.

However, most articles it found were on topic and from a diverse section of the web. In fact, depending on your taste in news this could be either a strength or weakness. If you prefer to read news from traditional news sources like The New York Times, ABC News, etc. then SkyGrid may disappoint. However, if you will take news from anywhere, no matter how random the site, then SkyGrid will be great.

A standard list of extra features is included, such as the ability to share an article via Twitter, Facebook, or save it to SkyGrid for later viewing. The more I played around with SkyGrid the more I liked it. It offers a good experience for looking through trending news content. It's great if you are not looking for anything specific and just want to read what is happening currently in the world. With some additional refinement, it can be even stronger.

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