Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children

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Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children
Developer: LDW Software, LLC
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Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children iPhone ans iPod touch appVirtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children is the type of game you open just to mess with for a few minutes...and look up an hour later wondering what happened. At least, that's how it's been for me. This Sims-style game from Last Day of Work allows players to help sustain a small group of villagers on a remote tropical island. You can help the islanders develop useful skills, explore their surroundings and even encourage them to sustain (and increase!) the population by having babies!

Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children is rather complex, and I highly recommend turning on the tutorial tips when you begin playing (you'll be asked if you want them when you start the game). The tutorial period is relatively brief, but informative, and trust me, you'll want to be informed. While the Virtual Villagers is fun, not everything is completely intuitive, so the tutorial should get you off to a decent start.

The game controls are pretty easy — you simply drag and drop villagers where you want them to go. As the Virtual Villagers 2 progresses, there are more options for actions. Adults can learn to build, heal, farm, cook and a plethora of other activities. While children don't work, they are the only ones who can spot and collect various little baubles and special items around the island, so everyone in Virtual Villagers 2 has something to contribute.

One of the interesting features of Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children is that the game is in "real-time"; even when you don't have the game open on your iPhone/iPod touch, your little villagers are still living life, eating, working, etc. So while you don't have to have the game open 24/7, you probably will want to check in at least somewhat frequently so that you don't open the game one day to find that all of your little minions have died of starvation!

Overall, I think Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children is a pretty impressive game. The graphics are terrific and it seems as if it's the sort of game that will provide many hours of entertainment. However, it's not without its faults, and the biggest problem is that 95% of the time, it crashes when I open it. Usually if I re-open it a second time it'll work, and once the game is running I haven't had any crashes, but the crash upon opening it gets old, quickly. With any luck, this bug will be resolved soon and it won't be an issue any longer.

While there's no free or "lite" version of Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children for iPhone, there are PC and Mac trial versions available at the Last Day of Work website.

Watch a demonstration:

If you're looking to play god without all the responsibility of work and "real life" then try Pocket God, a similarly-themed app that puts you in control over a group of islanders.

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  • SN

    Hi, I been playing the game and its really dfficult to get the villager to achieve master level on 3 skills. any tips? also, the tech scores take really long to accumulate. anyway to speed that up? thanks!

  • NP

    I've completed all the puzzles, & have collected all the shells & pebbles. After getting all the shells & pebbles it said my maimum population had been increased by 5, but then says I do not have enough housing for more villagers. So where can I build another hut? I have 3 normal huts, the 'parenting' hut, the sewing hut & the hospital.

  • er042688

    Hi ths games is super were can i get it fo free the whole full version!
    can someone help me please!!
    anyonewould b kind to give me the activekey?
    the price is 1.99?

    really were at?

  • Sarahhhhh

    You buy it at the app store.

    I am on the start of this game and I really love it so far.

    Am I supposed to get a woman pregnant asap in the game?

  • BoozyP

    I have completed all the puzzles and have fully researched everything. My population is at 40 but can't get anymore as I too don't have enough housing. I still have a few more bits for the collections but apart from that can't get any further!

    Yes get the woman pregnant!

  • Tracy Rodgers

    I wish I had helpful advice for you guys, but I keep forgetting to go back to the game and winding up with all my villagers dead. I got nothin', lol. :(

  • Deb

    Here's a tip for people who keep waking up and finding all of their villagers dead: put the game on slow speed. That way they're less likely to have the time to starve to death if you forget about them. You could also pause it if you know you won't be able to play it for a while.

    The crashing problem is really a killer one for me.

  • angie

    I accidently turn the tutorial mode off at the beginning
    And now I'm really confuse
    Can anyone help me?
    - how do u plant food?
    - how do u make tools?

  • Dawn

    Hello, I have 40 population. Have 3 huts, sewing, breeding and hospital. Finished the gong, rang it once. How do I increase population? Cannot get more population. Try and "go indoors" but get message at maxium population. Anh ideas?

  • amy

    Hey, so I just got this game and I really enjoy it, but some of my villagers got sick somehow and I can't get them to heal eachother. I think they think I want them to have babiess instead! Can anyone help me?

  • Nick

    There is actually a lite version on the ipod touch in the app store but it might only be for a little while

  • Cody

    i've been playing for a long time and its a really easy game, if you guys need help just go to this website
    hope i helped!

  • Wrigleys

    Hey guys...
    I love this game very bad! It is so addicting!!
    I have 2nd levels of exploration, science, engineering and farming.
    I wanted to know how to get tech points fast.
    ALSO, my game has been crashing. Dont know why. I tried deleting some old apps but that didnt help...
    Can you help me?

  • Eric

    if your app keeps crashing, just power cycle your iphone/ipod. Shut down completely and turn back on after a few seconds.

  • emm

    yeah i got this game on my itouch(love it)... how do you pause the game? also what would be the best way to collect food?... oh and how do you slow it down? help please.... thanks

  • Cody

    to slow it down all you have to do is go to menu then options then at the bottem it has the game speeds and just press one of those

  • Waqrab

    How do I get the remaining 2 gongs? Any ideas? I have all techs. Few collections left and gongs. Assistttt

  • Maria

    I just bought the full app, built the huts both parenting and normal one, and i've tried to encourage my villagers to have babies but they just don't, they go indoors and nothing happens, i'm gettin' frustrated, two euros spent for nothin...
    I had the lite version previously installed, and i didn't eliminate it while playing and downloading the full version do you think it might have to do with it?what should i do?any suggestion?

    Thank you for your time

  • Hanner

    I just got this app on my touch today. For some reason everything keeps freezing; and the app doesnt open sometimes! I have to turn it off for it to work again. Anyone have any idea why this is happening?

  • b9b9b9

    If you hold down the power it will say slide for power off. Slide then go back to it. Should work

    Also is is possible to transfer what happened in lite version to full version

  • Sydney

    I cannot get past the first puzzle!!!!! I have fire, but cannot get past fire. What do I doooooooooo?!

  • Breanna

    Hey how do u pause the game?

  • Rebecca

    We just started the game and decided to buil up some points and food before we had kids. Now that we've done that we can't seem to get anyone to have a baby. We played before, all of our villagers died, but we did have kids. Is there a glitch in my game???? We also have one villager who walks very, very fast and one that walks extremely slow. Is this normal???

  • skinnybuddha74

    Hey I have the lite versions of Virtual Villagers 1, 2, and 3 for the iPod Touch... Wondering if it's worth upgrading to the full versions and what the difference is between full and lite versions? So far all I can find is the full versions allow for bigger populations. Is that all you get if you upgrade?

  • ladydonna316

    I purchased the full version of Villagers 2 and all I can say is if you liked the lite versions you'll love the full version. There's so much to do, to learn, and higher levels to reach. You really become attached to your villagers, teaching them several skills, raising teenagers and making sure they stay on task, and you're saddened when they slow down due to old age and eventually die. My game has been ongoing for a month now and I'm finally able to have esteemed elders, several mommies, I'm building all types of buildings, a hospital, a sewing hut, much to do. Its worth the money. I'm just curious as to how Villagers 3 compares to 2 since I'm almost done solving my final puzzle.

  • Eli

    I finished the game and my new hobby is giving the elderly people poison stew(3 black chain herbs) and then wait for them to die. >:)

  • Eli

    I also love this game but still can't get the last few collectible

  • Mevlana

    my VV2 lite on my ipod touch keeps on cashing!!! what sha`ll i do...ive gotten so far!!!!

  • Caitlin :)

    How do you pause!?!?! I get through 1 day of vv2 and then they all die overnight cause I don't have enough food but I don't know how to get food quick enough cause birds just eat it!!!

  • Caitlin :)

    Found out how to pause-go to main menu and click options and then it should have game speed- and then it has -PAUSED-1/2 speed-normal-2x speed. Just click paused and then your game will freeze! until you go back and click 1/2 speed, normal or 2x speed and it will go back to those speeds. Cheers.

  • Raga

    What is the difference between lite and full version?

  • amber

    I only have two parents, both female, who are over fifty, and keep going indoors with each other! Has this happened for anyone else, or just me?