Yuval Hazan, an Israel-based 3D artist, animator and app developer, has created a game app for children that teaches them to take care of a virtual pet. The app, called MonsterPet involves a monster-like pet that the user has to feed and take care of on a daily basis. This includes daily chores and entertaining the monster. Despite its name, the pet is not programmed to perform typical monster-like behavior. Instead, it acts much like a regular household pet.
The game has been developed for children of 2 to 7 years of age. By simulating the needs of an average household pet in a virtual, simulated environment, the game helps its intended user audience develop a strong sense of responsibility. It has been designed to significantly help in the emotional development of the children as they learn to connect better with others by taking care of the special needs of their pet.
The lesson of responsibility is invaluable to people and should be taught from an early age. Children below the age of seven years can be especially impressionable, which means that the things they see and experience during those formative years can mold their personalities significantly. By introducing the concept of responsibility in a fun and safe way, this mobile game helps sow the seeds for a responsible lifestyle and practices in children in their later years.
The MonsterPet designs and the overall game design are colorful yet simple. They are meant to appeal to the sensibilities of children in their early years, showcasing creativity, simplicity and fun. Hazan said about the development process, “I had this idea for the game app for a long time, but I just could not find an app developer, who shared the same kind of vision that I did. It was tough, and I knew that the app had a lot of potential. Eventually I decided to get into app development myself, given my background as a 3D animator and artist, and this is the result!”
MonsterPet is one of the few apps available not just on Apple devices, but on mobile devices in general that cater the niche of children’s education. As more children below the age of seven years become exposed and experienced in smartphone and mobile device usage, MonsterPet and other similar apps play an important role in imparting valuable life lessons. They form an ideal platform to reach out to technologically-forward children and develop their moral fortitude and personality.
MonsterPet 1.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.