Do things Later, when they make sense! Later Group, LLC today is proud to announce the release of Later 0.2, its new iOS app that allows you to perform digital tasks later. Send texts, tweets and emails when it’s the right time. The idea for Later came from Founder Nick Walter, who is a night owl. He would think of things late at night that he wanted to text his family and friends, but didn’t want to disturb them at such a late hour. Later helps people to send Texts, Tweets and Emails when they want them sent:
* Schedule texts to remind people that you’re meeting a day before you do.
* Are you a night owl? Schedule a text that you made at 1am to send at 8am.
* You just thought of the funniest Tweet about Santa Clause…but it’s July. Write out your Tweet now and get a reminder in December to send it.
* You just met with a client and want to send a thank you email after the weekend. Write the email now while the details are fresh on your mind and send it out on Monday.
Later sends a reminder to users that they have a digital task to complete. With one tap, the user can send their text, Tweet or email. Future versions of Later will allow these tasks to be completed automatically through Later’s sending service.
To celebrate its launch, Later 0.2 is currently Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.