A fashion-fun app for girls, the Dress App is a combination fashion show and pattern-recognition game. Dress App is like a modern-day paper-doll and game rolled into one. Four fashion-forward cities – Paris, New York, Tokyo and Milan – are represented by different models, each with their own array of fashion items to model. Players choose items and accessories by tapping on each icon and then proceed to play pattern recognition games that include the available items.
Dress App is definitely a “girly” girl’s game, designed to appeal to young girls who like playing dress up or dressing their dolls in different outfits. Available items include tops, bottoms, shoes, belts, hair accessories, handbags, and glasses. There are options for sharing created fashion ensembles by email or saving photos to the device’s photo library. The pattern games are accessible from each model’s runway and include two stages.
While Dress App is initially free to download, the version is limited to the Paris model only. The remaining three models can be unlocked via an in-app purchase of $1.99. Unfortunately, the extra purchase only affords additional models and outfit combinations, not any more game stages. The two included game stages are modeled after complete-the-pattern exercises that children typically do in the primary grades. Though an ambiguous “mystery stage” is listed in the Dress App Patterns, claiming to be available in a future update, the Dress App definitely could use a few more games to warrant the in-app purchase price.
While the premise of Dress App is to appeal to young girls who like to experiment with different styles and fashion ensembles, it could use more substance than it currently provides. Four models, some of which share some of the same or similar clothing, and two nearly identical games is not quite beefy enough to suit. Just like its animated super-models, the Dress App content is a bit lean. On the plus side, the two game stages are at least supportive of pattern recognition skills and the “reward” for getting them all right reinforces that it’s good to be smart. The appropriate target audience for Dress App is about 4 to 10 year-olds, but if you’re expecting a fashion game that will keep them busy for hours, Dress App might not be it. Of course, if dressing a virtual Barbie-like doll with a limited number of clothing options is appealing to you or someone you know, then Dress App fits the bill.