Facebook announced the release of Facebook Connect for iPhone on Saturday (March 14) in tandem with several developers of popular iPhone and iPod touch apps including SGN, Playfish, Tapulous and Zynga.
Facebook Connect for iPhone makes it easy for iPhone and iPod touch developers to create apps that integrate with Facebook so their customers can log in to their Facebook accounts, find and interact with friends and family, and share what they do with their iPhone apps with their friends on Facebook.
iPhone app users can be authenticated and connected to their Facebooks accounts and have complete control of permissions, including offline access, status updates and email addresses as they already do on the popular site. They also have the same say over who can see what pieces of their information.
As a user interacts with apps, they discover interesting content, share information about themselves, and engage in a lot of experiences, the company says. With Facebook Connect for iPhone, users can easily share and distribute this information and actions to their friends via Facebook Feed stories and status updates.
For example, a group of friends could play a location-based, multi-player game and post the scores in real-time on Facebook so other friends could watch their progress.
You may have already received updates to some of your apps, which have been integrated with Facebook. Facebook’s announcment was accompanied by the introduction of new versions of:

  • Limbo, Limbo–Link accounts and post to Facebook (Free)
  • SGN, Agency Wars–Location-enabled, compete against friends (four versions, free to $20.00) and iBowl–Share scores and compete (Free)
  • Say Eight, Binary Game–Compete against friends ($1.99)
  • Playfish, Who Has the Biggest Brain?–Play and compare scores ($4.99)
  • Zynga, Live Poker–Connect from Facebook (Free)
  • Flixster, Movies–Rate movies and share ratings (Free)
  • Citizen Sports, Sportacular (Free)
  • Tapulous, Tap Tap Revenge 2–Post scores (Free)
  • Pelago, Whrrl 2.0–Location-enabled, share events as they happen (Free)
  • Urbanspoon, Urbanspoon–Share restaurant reviews (Free)