Anyone with a basic understanding and interest in psychology might appreciate (and even enjoy) the various apps that use psychology-based methods and techniques to evaluate and track mood, emotions and feelings or that offer useful insight into psychological well-being. MyEmotions: Tune into your Feelings is an example of such an application that is based on psychological techniques and principles for evaluating emotion. MyEmotions is not alone in this concept, but it does attempt to provide a mechanized means of an accurate emotional evaluation. And while it has its positives, it might not be for everyone.
In terms of aesthetics, MyEmotions: Tune into your Feelings is uniquely attractive. The graphics are nicely rendered and it’s not only visually interesting, but soothing as well. Since the majority of the interface of MyEmotions is based on images, anything less would have tanked it from the get go.
The general method of accumulating information involves looking at comparison images and choosing the one that best reflects or represents the subject’s present state of mind. For example, images may be similar, but one may depict something chaotic while the other is ordered. After selecting and providing all answers, MyEmotions generates a report that is supposed to provide the subject with feedback on his or her current emotional state.
Though the techniques utilized in MyEmotions: Tune into your Feelings are sound in principle, the translation and implementation of these methods may not be suited for functionality on a smartphone application. The purported “90% accuracy” rate of the app might not be entirely accurate itself. Sure, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while, but to state that this app can accurately evaluate the user’s current emotional state might be a bit of an overstatement. In fact, many times during trial it was pretty off base. Still, it’s intention is to be more entertaining than informational and it’s certainly safe to say MyEmotions is more accurate than a mood ring.
For an overview of MyEmotions in action, check out this recent review from Daily App Show:
To get started, users answer a short series of questions before being given comparison images. The entire “evaluation” process takes less than 2 minutes. In addition to the mood evaluation, four others are available for purchase. Only “current mood” is included with the free download and a “limited-time special offer” will become available on first use to buy the remaining evaluations – relationships, forecasting, self-perception and subconscious decision-making – for $1.99. After the time limit on this price expires, the additional purchase is $2.99. It is highly recommended that you actually use the “current mood” evaluation prior to making an additional purchase – just to see if it’s something you’re interested in.
MyEmotions: Tune into your Feelings offers a moderately interesting approach to emotional evaluation, but its value may be overstated and its own opinion of itself a bit inflated. The app includes a social network integration for sharing results, has nicely rendered graphics and even a very soothing soundtrack accompaniment. Nonetheless, it just isn’t all that entertaining — especially for a widely based audience.