Goop Troop NFT are one of the DAO-based NFTs managed entirely by community members. Goop Troop collection has been launched on October 6, 2021. These are a collection of 10,000 digital profiles available as GOOP contracts, based on DAO. More specifically, they are based on the Nouns project on Nouns DAO. Most of them were sold after launch and now are available at NFT markets for secondary sales. They can be customized and used in multiple ways.

Looking at the sales stats, they are trending in the top charts of the NFT markets. On, currently, they rank in the fifth position on the trending list, with an $8.93 million sales volume. Their Initial minting price was $0.0369.

What Is Goop Troop NFT?

As they say, Goop Troop is Goofy oversized optics people. They consider themselves as a community within the community. As they are part of Nouns DAO, they are governed under Nouns.Goops are located entirely on-chain. As these images are under CCO license, the Goop owners are allowed to customize or make changes to the images. CCO license allows the NFT owners to use them in the public domain making changes.

Owners in Goop Troop thus have the authority to customize their on-chain description on Etherscan.
Goop Troop is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) project. Thus, it works on the DAO mechanism. Let’s see how it works.

How Goop Troop NFT Works As DAO

As a DAO project, Goop Troop follows consensus protocol. Every proposal is first pitched to the community and after the consensus of the majority, decisions are being made. The members are represented by Ethereum addresses. These addresses are mostly owned by individuals or other DAOs. As here we can see that, Goop Troops is governed under Nouns DAO.

Escalating Statistics Of Goop Troop 

Goop Troop NFT Collectibles
Source: Goop troop

Goop Troops NFT Floor Price 

As of October 13, the Floor price of Goop Troops on OpenSea is $0.267 or 0.25 ETH. Also, 2.5k authentic wallet owners have been attached to their OpenSea profile.   

As of Oct 13, Goop Troop NFTs have a significant sales volume of $9.04 million. The latest data shows that these collectibles have been sold 6191 times in the last seven days (Oct.7 -13). 

On October 13, the average price for 1 Goop troop is $ 1460.  10% of the Goop Troop sales was observed up to $357.Half of the sales had been recorded around $1370. And highest 10% sale was recorded at $ 2506 or more.

The most expensive Goop Troop sold in the last 30 days is Goop 7020, sold for $12.1k on October 7.

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Goop Troop – Road Map – More Towards Decentralization 

While official website of the Goop Troop doesn’t display much information about the overall project, their discord community briefs a bit about the roadmap. It states: 
Funds collected from the minting of the Goops will be used to buy a Noun. 
1 Goop = 1 vote
As per one of the tweets from Goop Troop, 
‘The Goop Dao founder wallet will use the minting funds to purchase one Noun, which will be owned and controlled by the Goops community.’
Goops community wants to buy more Nouns to acquire more control over their community. Once they buy Nouns, they will lock it in Genosis MultiSig to control the operations.
On October 8, majority of the Goop community has agreed to add 2.5 % of royalties to OpenSea to fund MultiSig Vault for future acquisitions.

Statistics Of Goop Troop NFT
Source: Twitter

Where To Buy Goop Troops NFT

Goop troops are available on OpenSea Markets and other NFT markets as well. But apart from the sales figures, other information is not yet available about this project.


Currently, Goop Troops are among the top-rated NFTs and sales figures rising at every hour. The DAO mechanism makes it even more alluring, but with insufficient information, it might be risky to invest in this project at this point. If you are interested in this project, have an eye on their future developments through their official website, Discord, and Twitter accounts.  Soon they might announce something interesting. 

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