Are you looking for Crypto. Chicks NFT review 2021? Should you buy Crypto. Chicks NFT right away?
To answer all your queries, here in this article, we will talk about the definition of Crypto. Chicks, where they came from, Crypto.Chicks NFT floor price, how to buy Crypto.Chicks NFT, and if you should buy Crypto.Chicks NFTs.

On 23rd September 2021, at 8 PM EST, Crypto. Chicks NFTs went on sale and were sold out immediately. The mother of Crypto. Chicks, Ms_Polly has designed 10K randomly generated gorgeous girls with unique features to highlight the worth of women in the Crypto world.

Crypto. Chicks NFTs or Crypto girls are confident, proud and they aim to nurture women empowerment, especially in the NFT world.

Crypto.Chicks NFTs: The Idea Behind It

As mentioned above, Crypto. Chicks NFTs are launched to showcase women empowerment in the world of Cryptocurrency, as well as the Metaverse universe. MsPolly11 along with her team wanted to design something that will bring in the importance of women and their uniqueness in the NFT Metaverse. As the craze of NFT is rapidly skyrocketing, Polly (who also designed and released Crypto. Chicks 1/1 on May 2021) wants to ensure how different girls can be through the NFT revolution.

Polly also ensured that each of her Crypto Chicks may have different attributes and stand for something. To do that, the Chicks have been given different hairstyles, hair colours, skin colours, cool sunglasses, Jewelry, eyes, tattoos, dresses, and much more.

Crypto.Chicks NFT Collectibles
Source: Crypto chicks

There are two kinds of Crypto Chicks NFTs available:

  1. Crypto.Chick 1/1 – A small collection of women avatars, released on May 2021
  2. Crypto.Chicks – 2nd generation of Crypto Chicks – a collection of 10K gorgeous and empowered women

Crypto.Chicks NFT Team

Apart from Polly (CEO, Crypto Chicks), 4 others have made Crypto Chicks NFT happen.

  1. AKA (CMO, Crypto. Chicks)
  2. Nick (STO, Crypto. Chicks)
  3. Alex (Chief Designer, Crypto. Chicks)
  4. Sokos6 (COO, Crypto.Chicks)

How To Mint Crypto Chicks NFTs?

Crypto. Chicks NFT sale happened in two rounds, where early access was granted to the Crypto. Chick 1/1 holders (only the first 100).

You can mint 5 Crypto. Chicks NFTs in one transaction, but there aren’t any limitations of making the transactions. Crypto. Chicks NFT minting will cost 0.55ETH+ Gas fees.

Crypto.Chicks NFTs Future Roadmap

During the launch, they favoured the first 100 Crypto. Chick 1/1 holders with special 100 ETH airdrop. But the first-time buyers can expect something more amazing in the future, as Crypto. Chicks NFT team is planning for a mega giveaway. The giveaway date hasn’t been announced yet, but the NFT enthusiasts can expect 10 new gen Crypto chicks.

That is not the end, as the team also planning to help out the digital artist by organizing an NFT art content, and the prize money will be USD 5K.

Crypto.Chicks NFTs: Current Floor Price

Crypto.Chicks NFT: Latest Price Trends 

As of today i.e. 2nd October 2021, a total of 10K Crypto. Chicks NFT Collectibles are available at the OpenSea Marketplace. The current floor price for the Crypto. Chicks NFT collectable is 0.28 ETH. The traded volume amount is 2.3K ETH with 3.2K owners.

Crypto.Chicks NFT: Latest Traded Amount

Crypto.Chicks NFTs Sales Statistics
Source: Nft-stats

According to, the Crypto. Chicks NFT trade was like the following in the last 7 days (as of 2nd October 2021):

  • Crypto. Chicks NFTs were sold 7863 times 
  • The trading volume was USD 6.5M
  • The average selling price was USD 826

7 Days Statistics For Crypto.Chicks NFT Collectibles (As Of 2nd October 2021):

  • 10% Crypto. Chicks NFTs were sold for less or equal to USD 287
  • 50% Crypto. Chicks NFTs were sold for less or equal to USD 620
  • Top 10% Crypto. Chicks NFTs were sold for equal to or more than USD 1463

How To Buy Crypto.Chicks NFTs?

How To Buy Crypto.Chicks NFTs
Source: Opensea

Crypto. Chicks NFTs were sold out the first day it was launched on the official website i.e. 23rd September 2021. Now Crypto Chicks NFTs are available at and Rarible – not all are for sale though. You can place your bid on Crypto Chicks NFTs by signing in to your MetaMask wallet.

After that, you can choose any Crypto Chicks NFT you want to collect and place your bid.

Before placing your bid, you can and should sort the Crypto Chicks NFTs based on their rarity from Rarity. tools. On their official website, the team has mentioned that they have retained 5 of the rarest Crypto Chicks NFTs. The rarest one of them all is owned by Ms_Polly herself – Crypto Chick #10 with a rarity score of 32629.23 (As of 2nd October 2021).


Crypto. Chicks may be a new edition to the NFT Metaverse, the creators are far too organized and creative. The primary thing is that Crypto Chicks NFTs stand for something – women empowerment. Polly and her team have proved that women empowerment can also be done through the DeFi system.

Now, if we talk about the floor prices and current sales trend of Crypto Chicks NFTs, they look quite stable. They have just been launched only a few days ago – but their future roadmap will surely benefit the collectors as well as the artists. Their plan for the massive giveaway and USD 5K gift for art content is proof of that.

From our findings, Crypto. Chicks NFTs can profit the collectors and artists and will bring more ideas of women empowerment through NFTs.

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