A follow up to the first sushi instructional app, Teach Me Sushi Expert has the same informative, quality video instruction as the original Teach Me Sushi, but includes a few added features. Teach Me Sushi Expert showcases recipes and video instruction for 8 new kinds of sushi most commonly found in restaurants, including Shrimp Tempura, Temari and Philadelphia Roll.
As with the original, this expert addition features both step-by-step and video instructions for preparing and making sushi and each type of sushi includes a bit of information pertaining to its composition, flavor, texture, and so on. Some of the returning features include the sushi equipment list and rice timer.
A few cool new features also make an appearance in this sequel, the most notable being the sushi calculator shopping list. Simply input the number of people you plan to serve, select the types of sushi you plan to prepare, and you’ll get a list of how much of each ingredient you need to pull it off. There is also a Google Map locator of Japanese markets where supplies or ingredients can be obtained.
While I prefer the easy interface and completeness of the original Teach Me Sushi, Teach Me Sushi Expert does provide additional, more challenging varieties and has the cool calculator. As the name indicates, Teach Me Sushi Expert is not for beginners and doesn’t have any of the tips for selecting fish, making rolls, and cooking rice. Needless to say, this sequel can’t really stand alone as an instructional guide for beginners, but if you have experience with sushi and are looking for some new recipes or make it on a regular basis, then you might enjoy the expert version.
As an add-on to the original Teach Me Sushi, Teach Me Sushi Expert is a decent companion. It would be nice if there were a combo price since the first one is well worth the price, but the follow-up contains a bit less information and is better in conjunction with the first.
If you’re a diehard sushi fan who had the skills to skip the first app or a current Teach Me Sushi owner who’s ready to move on to the next level, then the Expert version is should be on your download list. It’s a handy guide for those who enjoy the art of preparing sushi and the video instructions offered are better than any cookbook and certainly cheaper than a class.