Do you love Mondays because you know it’s the day that Threadless releases new t-shirt designs? Then you need to check out Threads, the free app from Ian Marsh for iPhone and iPod Touch.
Threads is a mini-gallery to showcase the weekly t-shirt designs at our favorite cotton and silkscreen retailer. Much like the LOLCats or Tag Show queries Flickr or Picasa for photos, Threads connects to the Threadless database of new shirts and loads the designs on your iPhone for easy viewing with the flick of a finger.
Once the gallery loads, it’s simple to use. Swipe with a finger or click the right/left arrows to go back and forth between designs. The images always cycle through in the same order starting from number 1. To jump ahead, give your phone a quick shake to bring up a random design. The image sets update weekly every Monday.
Many use Threadless not just for clothing, but also for browsing and buying art. Threads recognizes this and encourages saving designs as wallpaper. A camera icon in the right corner provides instructions for saving a screen capture and setting iPhone wallpaper.
For those that do want to purchase a design, the dollar sign in the upper left corner takes you straight to the t-shirt’s Threadless page.
There are only a few things I’d like to see handled differently. It would be nice to be able to zoom in on a design. Also, I’d like to see the camera icon take a screen capture rather than just provide instructions. And, while we’re talking wallpaper, it would be nice if the screen capture automatically removed the purchase/scrolling icons so that only the art remained.
That being said, Threads is the most convenient way to view Threadless tees on your iPhone. It features a clean design that puts the art where it should be, front and center.