Have you ever wanted to be a film maker, but didn’t know where to start? Yes, me too and luckily we amateur directors have an app for our iPhone called VideoKits. Think of it as a tool to help you put all of those awesome videos you have saved on your device together in one sweet film. Or if you don’t have any videos because maybe you just got your iPhone then you can use it to take video, put the film together and export as your first feature film … or fun holiday family video rather.
VideoKits, at its core, is an app that helps you make better moments by giving you tips and a storyboard to follow. This guidance comes in the form of a video kit, hence the name. These packaged goodies include Thanksgiving, basketball, soccer, football, holiday and many more themes, which are free. Of course, there are additional themes available such as cooking show, restaurant review, birth announcement and more for in-app purchase around $0.99.
I think what makes this app extremely useful is that you don’t have to edit your videos. This, by itself, makes VideoKits one of the best shoot and share video apps on the market.
While you’re taking video, VideoKits gives you tips and tricks to make the video interesting. For instance, it gives you questions to ask your subjects as well as gives you suggestions on how to shoot, i.e. left or right of center to make the actual video presentation more interesting instead of just the standard straight on talking head.
When you’ve captured all the video you need then it’s time to edit if you’d like to. Of course, you can just export as is too. Either way, you have to click “edit clips” to move forward, which allows you to trim existing shots, edit and add music as well as add captions. You can even move your videos around by tapping them and sliding them down or up to your preferred order.
Overall, I’d have to say VideoKits is one of the most useful and simple to use video makers on the App Store. It’s simple user interface is easy to get around in and the tips and tricks VideoKits offers up are helpful in creating an interesting video. It’s a great idea to download this for your holiday party and make a video your unsuspecting colleagues will not soon forget.