If you’ve enjoyed the selection of videos available at Wimp.com on your computer, you can now get easy access to the same collection on the go with Wimp.com – Family Friendly Videos. If you aren’t familiar with it, Wimp.com is a video site with a fairly random collection of user-created videos. Though not as popular as YouTube, Wimp.com has been around for a couple of years and isn’t unheard of.
The Wimp.com – Family Friendly Videos app provides quick, easy access to the same videos available on their site. You can browse by upload date or pick your poison and search the archives. You won’t necessarily find the viral videos everyone is talking about around the water cooler, but there is an interesting and varied collection for perusal. The videos you discover can be shared on Twitter or Facebook, emailed to a friend, or saved for viewing later. Navigation between browsing, searching, viewing, and sharing is quick and simple.
Wimp.com – Family Friendly Videos is a free app, so there’s nothing lost if you don’t use it. However, users should note that while the App Store description emphasizes the family friendly feature, describing the app as “anti-sensationalistic, which means even Grandma won’t cringe,” the claim doesn’t quite have merit. For instance, a search of “gopher” will result in one of a couple of Billy Mays parodies, some of which contain words that would indeed make my grandma cringe. Overall though, the majority of videos are more random and quite safe, some of them even qualifying as moderately educational.
The invalidated “family friendly” claim aside, Wimp.com – Family Friendly Videos is a free, undecorated and simple video app. Viewing and sharing videos is easy and the app takes up virtually no memory but runs reliably. As just another source of goofy, interesting, and really random videos, Wimp.com – Family Friendly Videos (available for both iPhone and iPad) is an app with some merit.