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Linguo - A Superior iPhone Translation App

* Editor's Note: We've reviewed many translator apps since this article first published in 2008. For more up-to-date-information check out the iPhone translator Travel Interpreter.
When it rains, it pours.

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BdTranslator - Translations App

Buy Translator 42 Languages on the App Store

AppCraver reviewed translation app Talking Phrasebooks recently, so when Alan Cook from Bad Dog Apps sent us a free test version of BdTranslator, another translation app, I thought we'd take a look at it and compare it to Talking Phrasebooks.

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iPhone Firmware 2.1 due tuesday?

According to inside sources at Ars Technica, the "Let's Rock" Apple private invite only event will include the much anticipated release of iPhone firmware 2.1.
Among the list of expected improvements:
- a solution to apps repeatedly crashing the iPhone (and sometimes resulting in the Apple Screen of Death)
- preliminary support for push technology allowing apps to get background info
- new GPS functionality -- possibly allowing background GPS notification, as intimated by loopt

One disturbing aspect:
"We were told that, aside from what we already know about iPhone 2.1 from leaked info on the web, there are other parts to 2.1 that were specifically removed from developer seeds in order to keep them secret from the world."
As usual, Apple is carefully managing the release of information...

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MyNetDiary is a Great Calorie Counter - but costs 9 dollars a month!

The "health and fitness" area of the AppStore is filled with extremely bad calorie counter apps (such as "Absolute Fitness" — which should be totally avoided). With the self-proclaimed tagline "Serious Weight Loss Comes to the iPhone", MyNetDiary promises more and delivers.

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Apple Screen of Death

I was getting the Apple Screen of Death repeatedly on my phone last night, so I had to do a complete restore. This morning I was confronted with this:
Nice way to start a Saturday.

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Appcraver Update: New Editors' Picks Section

Lots of changes at Appcraver. We're proud to present our new updated Editors' Picks tab. In this area of the site, we'll showcase apps that we think are particularily worthy -- things that we think you should at least try out and probably will want to keep in your iPhone's permanent collection.

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