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Up There
Developer: Veiled Games Corporation
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up there iphone gameThis intriguing app really is “Up There” on the list of well designed games for iPhone/iPod Touch. Up There is a simple game with seamless design that takes advantage of the accelerometer. The game is merely a maze of sorts, but combines many outstanding features to turn a simple concept into a fun application.

The premise is to free a red balloon from its caged existence up and out into the world. Using the tilt sensor in your device, you navigate the balloon through five levels of scenery that correspond to the balloon’s altitude. Through walls, trees, clouds, and stars the balloon soars higher and higher - if you can keep up with its desire to go. Basically, if your balloon gets trapped off screen the game is over. Each level moves faster than the last, accentuating the little red balloon’s desire to go. 

Up There features terrific graphics for its simple premise and the balloon reacts superbly to the tilt control. Nearly everything about the game is seamless, from the tempo of the accompanying background music to the speed of the downward scrolling screen.

With two modes of play, arcade and practice, you are essentially given two difficulty levels. Practice mode seems to move slower than arcade mode giving you a chance to become familiar with the game, though both modes are essentially the same levels. High scores for both modes are recorded and arcade mode scores can be submitted online.

Released by Veiled Games, Up There is a truly unique app that is well worth its current sale price. It’s a well-put together, beautifully designed game that is simple to play. Though not a particularly addicting game, the replay value is solidly based on the sheer light-hearted fun of it. In fact, I probably haven’t had this much fun with a balloon since I was about three years old.

With Up There tucked away in your menu, you'll have an app that will entertain while showing off the capabilities of the iPhone/iPod Touch.

Users that like Up There may also enjoy Raindrop — a similarly designed game that features a falling drop of rain.

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  • Johnson

    This game was fun but for re-playability I really enjoy Rain Drop. The powerups add an extra element of luck to the mix.

  • iphone app reviews

    The timing on this games release was a bit unfortunate. I feel that with a little luck they could have pitched this as a partner game to the Disney/Pixar movie UP. Imagine the mutual benefits that partnership could have generated?