DiskHUB Pro is a file downloader and browser that makes downloading anything from the Web, cloud storage or your local desktop a snap. However, the question on my mind when taking the app for a spin was one necessity. I have Dropbox setup on my iPhone, iPad and desktop and find that it is more than enough to browse and launch photos. And that’s just it, it browses and launches, but leaves room for innovation in the downloading arena and this is where DiskHUB Pro really shines, especially when trying to download all of your Instagram images.
To setup the app, simply launch it and right away you’re presented with a very handy tutorial that walks you through adding new disks and afterwards browsing through each disk you’ve setup. For instance, I setup Dropbox and all you need to do is enter your username and password and DiskHUB Pro automatically integrates with the service and shows all of your folders and files you’ve added to your Dropbox file. The app also integrates nicely with Box.net, Google Docs, FTP, WebDav, Picasa, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and I’m told there are more on the way.
While in your disk, such as Dropbox, you can click on a folder to view your file. Once you tap on the file, the app gives you several options such as download, preview, open to other apps such as DocsToGo, Evernote, etc. as well as email. This is extremely helpful and makes handling files very easy.
Also, the app plays nicely with connecting to your desktop and, again, takes no effort to setup. All you have to do is tap on the Wi-Fi tab and then follow the IP address the app gives you on your desktop browser such as Safari and you\’re presented with a no thrills interface that allows you to upload files from your computer directly to your phone. I can see this being a very nice option for those who just need to get a few files from their device to their desktop and vice versa.
DiskHUB Pro is a very useful utility that makes downloading, browsing and launching files on your iPhone and iPad simple. From downloading multiple files from your Instagram account to previewing files or listening to music and watching videos, the app is a great way to finagle with your files on the fly. Oh, and you can unzip a zip archive. Yes, that is worth every penny.
If you’re still on the fence, you can also download a free version of DiskHUB to try before you buy.