If you’re super busy and with school, work or just life in general, one of your missions each day may be to try to remember everything you’re supposed to do that day. How we do this differs from person to person. Developers have come to the rescue faster than late night infomercials hawking memory pills. iSticky will help you remember it all and keep you well organized.
Forget about post it notes all over your desk. Now you can leave them all over the desk top of your phone. Here’s how it works. Start iSticky and three default stickies appear. Tap twice and you can make edits. You’ll be able to change the title of the sticky and add additional text or comments below it — i.e. the grocery store and the gym.
Visually iSticky is a gem. It has a clutter-free crisp white background. And there are five pastel colored stickies to choose from when making your notes. iSticky is definitely pretty darn easy to use. Functionally, you may drag and drop the notes all over the display anywhere you like. And, even with a lot of information on my stickies, iSticky feels fairly stable.
While it seems like iStickies has everything that would make the meticulous user ecstatic or memory -challenged user more than satisfied it doesn’t do all the things you might expect.
iSticky doesn’t have an email function. Many users like the ability to email themselves notes if their battery is about to die or they need to print something out. It also doesn’t allow you to use the camera to take pics to help jog your memory. iSticky doesn’t include an alarm. This feature would be particularly nice it would definitely help keep you on the ball. It’s practical and it makes good sense. In a word, much like the Stickies program included on the Mac for years, iStickies is more of a Post-it note and less of a full-featured to-do system.
The developers of iSticky have already announced updates for future versions. The new update will include multiple pages of stickie notes this is a great feature especially for those who use their handsets for ‘everything” from gaming to shopping. You’ll also be able to change the font size and type on your note and to edit more details.