Know all about Mike Tyson NFT Drop and release schedule here. Mike Tyson – one of the greatest boxers of all time has released a series of NFTs on the 19th of August, 2021. Known as Mike Tyson NFT collection and designed by Cory Van Lew, there are 11 1-of-1 NFTs and 6 Special edition NFTs with almost 300 copies.
The Mike Tyson NFT collection with Original art from Cory Van Lew has the following 4 Drops:

  • Drop 1 – The Ultimate Mike Tyson NFT: 1-of-1 Unlockable
  • Drop 2 – The Lifetime Collection: 10 Original 1-of-1 NFTs
  • Drop 3 – The Knockout series: 5 Original NFTs (50 Editions Each)
  • Drop 4 – The Baddest Man on the Planet: A Single Collector’s Edition NFT (250 Editions)

Cory Van Lew, whom Mike Tyson stated as an “Art Assassin” on his first tweet after the Mike Tyson NFT launch, has given his artistic touch to some of the greatest moments of Mike Tyson’s boxing career.
He has illustrated Mike Tyson’s years of glory in Neon-colored illustrations, like his most memorable knockouts, title wins, and of course, the “Ear-biting” incident.
The minimum bid was .5 ETH, but today some are priced at 250 ETH on
So, before you decide to buy Mike Tyson NFTs, it would be better to have a detailed idea about it. And that is what we are about to do with this Mike Tyson NFT review.

What Is Mike Tyson NFT Collection?

Now, we will discuss the NFT collectables in detail – so be mindful.

The Ultimate Mike Tyson NFT: 1-of-1 Unlockable

Mike Tyson NFTs Collection By Cory Van Lew
This is a space with 6 Unlockables where you will get to be trained by Mike Tyson, battle, and relax with him on his ranch.
Unlockable 1: Get first-class airfare with lodging to tour Mike Tyson’s training facility that is located in Southern California. You will get to live like Mike Tyson for the entire day, touring his training facility, studios and seeing some amazing art collections.
Unlockable 2: Get boxing training from the legend himself – receive 1-on-1 coaching sessions to prepare for the battle.
Unlockable 3: Enter in the boxing arena to battle with Mike Tyson’s sparring partners while having the legend as your cornerman.
Unlockable 4: After the tiring session, it is time to relax at Mike Tyson’s ranch –smoke weed and receive some Tyson ranch products, like munchies box and gift bags.
Unlockable 5: Unlock Mike Tyson treasure box filled with Mike Tyson accessories and merchandise.
Unlockable 6: After having the complete Mike Tyson experience, you will get a physical Cory Van Lew neon-colored NFT that illustrates the collaboration between the boxing legend and the artist.

The Lifetime Collection: 10 Original 1-of-1 NFTs

This collection of NFT will cover Mike Tyson’s entire boxing career – his pre-fight interviews, top knockouts, post-fight celebrations, and his love towards the pigeons.
This NFT are limited to one edition that covers the rise of Mike Tyson and his stardom.

The Knockout series: 5 Original NFTs (50 Editions Each)

The Knockout series NFTs are limited to 50 editions that include some of the epic moments of Mike Tyson’s boxing career. It includes one of the most memorable fights of his career with Holyfield from 28th June 1997, his knockout match with Marvin Frazier, his kiss with the pigeon, the “ear-biting” moment, and some iconic victory celebrations.

The Baddest Man On The Planet: A Single Collector’s Edition NFT (250 Editions)

This edition illustrates the first heavyweight fight of Mike Tyson with Jesse Ferguson on 16th February 1986. The fight lasted 6 rounds and Mike got his first heavyweight title. Cory Van Lew has illustrated this iconic moment with a nice victory pose with colour pallets.

Mike Tyson NFT Sales Statistics & Drop Details

Mike Tyson NFT Current Price Trends (As Of 13th September 2021):

There are 528 Mike Tyson NFT are available in The current floor price for Mike Tyson NFT is 6 ETH. The traded volume amount is 4.8K ETH with 319 owners.

Mike Tyson NFTs Trade Volume (As Of 13th September 2021):

Mike Tyson NFTs Sales Statics
As per the reports of nft-stats. Com, in the last 7 days, the Mike Tyson NFT were sold 13 times with a total trading volume of USD 478K. The average price in the last 7 days was USD 36.8K.
According To The Last 7 Days Statistics (As Of 13th September 2021):

  • 10% Mike Tyson NFTs were sold for <=USD 26.4K
  • 50% Mike Tyson NFTs were sold for <= USD 39.1K
  • Top 10% Mike Tyson NFTs were sold for => USD 45.2K

Top 10 Mike Tyson NFT that were sold in the last 30 days are (as per the nft-stats. Com ):

  1. Young Mike Edition 1/1: USD 322K
  2. Undisputed Edition 1/1 Unlockables: USD 281K
  3. Frazier KO Edition 27/50: USD 75.3K
  4. Laser Eyes Edition 31/50: USD 73.5K
  5. Tyson Vs Holmes Edition 1/1: USD 71.7K
  6. Laser Eyes Edition 44/50: USD 71.6K
  7. Laser Eyes Edition 3/50: USD 70.8K
  8. Laser Eyed Edition 18/50: USD 70.8K
  9. The Bite Edition 33/50: 67.8K
  10. The Frazier KO Edition 28/50: 67.2K

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How To Buy Mike Tyson NFT?

How To Buy Mike Tyson NFTs
The Mike Tyson NFTs are available for auction at and Rarible with ETH currency only.
To participate in the Auction, you need to do the following:

  • Go to OpenSea or Raible
  • Log in to your Metamask Wallet (If you don’t have it, create from here)
  • Choose your desired Mike Tyson NFT
  • Make an offer or Place a bid or choose Buy Now option
  • Mike Tyson NFT has 4 Drops where Drop 1 and 2 are up for the auctions and Drop 3 and 4 are available with Buy Now options.


Mike Tyson NFTs have launched only a month ago but gained massive popularity on the day of the auction. The stat reports are proof that the prices will go up in the future. Due to the worldwide popularity of Mike Tyson and the creativity of Cory Van Lew, Mike Tyson NFTs will attract NFT traders from all over the world. However, NFT is a volatile market, so we would suggest you track Mike Tyson NFT stats regularly before making the purchase.

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