Looking to buy GEVOLs NFT ? Find out the statistics, where to buy etc. of GEVOLs NFTs from here. GEVOLs NFTs is a collection of unique digital assets based upon a “Cherub” called “EVOL”. Wings, halo, mask, mouth and numerous traits are randomly selected to create a single GEVOLs NFT.

The entire collection looks good and holds lucrative trading opportunities for old as well as new NFT collectors. In today’s GEVOLs NFT review, we will take a closer look at what it is, background story, roadmap, selling price, sales volume and much more.

What Is The GEVOLs NFT

The G’EVOL NFTs collection contains 8888 different digital assets in different disguises and forms. There are over 150 unique traits that make these NFTs look bold and colourful. G’EVOL also reserves 50 mints that can be won by playing competitions or in the team’s memberships.
The story of this NFT collection starts with a 2000-year-old Cherub (like Cupids) called “EVOL”. He was cast out due to a disagreement with the management and was sent to Earth. Not returning home for so long, EVOL cannot remember how to get back. After spending so much time on Earth, EVOL has found its home on the blockchain. All the NFTs are EVOL’s disguises and forms which he can take any time. 

GEVOLs NFT Sales Statistics 

Current Selling Price 

The price of G’EVOLs NFT was 0.1 ETH per mint when they were first released. Currently, the price of a G’EVOLs NFTs ranges between $1000 to $20,000 and more. You can also place a bid on the NFTs that are on auction. 

Sales Volume 

In the last seven days (2 – 9 September 2021) the number of times GEVOLs NFTs were sold was 2055 and the total sales volume was $6.75M. Moreover, one GEVOLs NFT average price was $3.3k.
Also, in the last 24 hours ( 8 – 9 September 2021), GEVOLs NFTs were sold 43,086 times with a trading volume of $98.21M. 
To add further, ten per cent of sales of GEVOLs NFTs were carried out for $1731 or less and nearly half of the total NFTs were sold for $2490 or less. Also, about ten per cent of sales of the total NFTs were for $4717 or higher.

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Where To Buy GEVOLs NFT From Opensea 

GEVOLs NFTs are sold out on their official website and can now be found on NFT marketplaces such as opensea. As of September 10, 2021, there are 8.9K items listed on the OpsenSea GEVOLs page with over 3000 owners, a floor price of 0.39 ETH and a 7.3K volume traded.
Where To Buy GEVOLs NFTS
GEVOLs NFTs are on sale on ETH, WETH, DAI and USDC on the OpsenSea platform. They can be further filtered down on the basis of Clothes, Chains, Eyes, Halo, Headwear, Mask and much more. 

Roadmap Of GEVOLs NFT

What Has Already Happened

  • The original D’EVOLs NFTs collection was sold with a traded value of over 200 Eth.
  • The EVOL couture is launched and the merchandise store is also set to arrive by Q3 2021.
  • The EVOL figurines are produced and can be soon available for purchase. Moreover, the EVOL Figurine will be among the 1st blockchain native character that is released as a toy along with a unique NFT accompanying it.

Roadmap Of GEVOLs NFTs


  • EVOL will continue to evolve and grow in terms of stories and artwork. There will also be a physical book release that further drives EVOL’s story.  
  • There will be quarterly Merch Capsule and the users with G’EVOL & D’EVOL NFTs will receive information before the general drops.
  • Creating a system where the funds from the NFT project are funnelled back to the community and used for easing minting costs, finding and promoting new talent, or assisting in other projects to take off. 


GEVOLs NFT is perfect for buying and trading, or just to add to your digital art collection. All the NFTs are unique and captivating and also have a high-quality aesthetic. With over 15.6K Twitter Followers and 3000 active members out of 12000 total members in discord, the GEVOL NFT community has grown significantly in the last few months and will continue to do so.

You can also get useful insight or take part in the competition held on social platforms to get exciting rewards or pre-sale slots. Overall, GEVOLs NFT is appealing to a large community due to their distinct style and traits that make them stand out from the rest of the NFT collection on the market.

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