NFT Worlds NFT series is a truly unique collection of 10,000 valuable, utility-driven and scalable mini metaverses. A Limited Collection of buildable and explorable worlds that can find uses in games and other metaverse efforts, this series contains a range of virtual biospheres that can be built up in different ways.

Formed from random combinations of a range of different traits, these mini-worlds are powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT World has unique features of its own. Each world can be navigated, expanded and shared with other players and participants on the metaverse. 

With all publicly exhibited tokens selling out in less than 45 minutes, this project has proved to be a shining paragon in a crowd of NFT projects populating the crypto scape at the moment. With thriving communities on Discord, Twitter and Telegram, this project is radically transparent and checks all the necessary requisites for success in the NFT arena. 

NFT Worlds Project Drop Date # Minting Phase Details.

NFT Worlds (NFTWorlds) NFT Collectibles
Source: Nftworlds

The NFT World project began minting its tokens on October 5th, 2021. Built by a team of tenured creators and developers, this project is a shining example of the diversity in the NFT space right now. Whereas most people think that non-fungible tokens are restricted to create impressions, artworks and pixelated hybrid animals, this collection presents a rather unique selling proposition.

Since the project pitches scalable, expandable and fully navigatable virtual ecosystems, therefore, there are some very real use cases associated with the project. With several tangible utilities in the gaming metaverse, the project appeals not just to traders and speculators but also to gaming enthusiasts. 

The NFT space is still an overwhelmingly nascent realm and there is strong merit associated with projects that pioneer a novel concept. Since the NFT Worlds NFT Collectible series is one such project, it is touted for success in the NFT world. 

NFT Worlds Road Map

  • The project began minting its tokens on October 5th, 2021.
  • The project has also allocated 10% of the total project to world and rarity distribution data files.
  • The project has also allocated 25% of its project items to World rarity & ownership authority dApp.
  • The project has allocated 30% of its project items to World overview dApp.
  • The NFT Worlds NFT Collectible series runs on open-source protocols. It is an open-ended ecosystem of NFT virtual worlds. The project has been developed keeping in mind the community as the pivotal focus. 

The NFT Worlds NFT Collectible Series Statistics

The NFT Worlds NFT Collectible Series Statistics
Source: Nft-stats

NFT Worlds has demonstrated extremely promising sales statistics since its launch. Here’s an overview of the overall sales:
As many as 5019 tokens of the NFT Worlds NFT Collectible series were sold in the last 7 days. 
The overall sales volume for the NFT Worlds NFT Collectible series is $6.19M. 
The average price of one single token in the NFT Worlds NFT Collectible series comes out to be $1.2k.
The NFT Worlds NFT Collectible series is a collection of 10,000 uniquely generated, scalable and expandable virtual worlds.
The entire collection of 10,000 worlds were minted within the first 8 hours of minting.
The most expensive token from the NFT Worlds NFT Collectible series recorded a high sale price of $33.9k. This most expensive token was the exceptional World #9238.
This one was sold on October 6th, 2021 and has considerably uplifted the speculated prices for the other tokens in this series. 

NFT Worlds Selling Median Price!

  • The median price for a token in the NFT Worlds NFT Collectible series is $1051 taking the last 
  • one month’s prices into account as of October 9th, 2021.

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NFT Worlds Composition 

Whereas each world has a uniform composition of distinctive features and traits, every ecosystem renders a different experience to the users. 

Each one of the tokens in the NFT Worlds NFT Collectible series is an independent ecosystem within itself. Each token has a unique mix of geographical attributes such as tall mountains to the deepest seas. Each one of the tokens harbours distinguished statistics about the world’s natural composition, climate, and other factors the environments on each of the worlds are also remarkably different from each other.

NFT Worlds USP:

There are a total of 46 combinations of world environments and each one has its specific characteristics. In addition to these regular features, some tokens from the series also come with certain rare features such as a Town, a Mineshaft, Jungle Ruins and much much more. Therefore varying in terms of the rarity, these features decide. The value and price of each of the tokens. If you have been looking to invest in an NFT that makes for more than a mere aesthetic art collection, this one presents itself as a unique series that combines utility and scalability. 

Bottom Line

The NFT Worlds series presents a never seen before collection of buildable worlds that provide buyers to showcase their creativity. Since building and operating these worlds requires the players to have a functional level of understanding of gaming and contemporary applications, the collection caters to a very niche segment of buyers. This will help in expanding and further stabilizing the prices of the series. 

Each NFT World has distinct attributes to appeal to different categories of gamers and collectors. You can check out the full collection on the Open Sea platform.

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