Looking for the Fang Gang NFT Collectibles? We just put down everything you need to know before you buy the Fang Gang NFT Collectibles :

Fang Gang NFTs is an exhilarating collection of 8888 randomly assorted collectibles inspired by the broad theme of hoodlums and street gangsters. Described as twisted lunatics that come out at night to throw parties, Fangsters are the quintessential trouble makers that roam about the dark alleys of the New Fang City. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, the tokens have utility in the Fangsters metaverse.

Inspired by outlaws, hoodlums, and villains, this series is the perfect assemblage of mischief makers and rabble-rousers. The firebrand bad-boys of New Fang City have been designed by tenured artists and digital creators. This dark, quirky, and out of the box series of tokens presents an exciting opportunity for collectors to optimize their holdings.

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Fang Gang NFT Collectibles Review 2021
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With mixed animal-like traits, these caricatures come in 160 different variations. You can also select from 3.676.470 possible combinations. A dark and somewhat cute hybrid between cats and foxes, the Fangsters consist of heads, faces, body and fur. Several other added traits make each token distinctive from the other. Inspired by “the deviant”, this collection is remarkable in many ways. The Fang Gang NFTs will find an application on both the gaming metaverse as well as for remitting rewards to the liquidity providers on the platform.

The randomly generated Fangsters NFTs have been created by a team of tenured graphic designers. The unique selling proposition of the tokens lies in the incredibly interesting artistic impressions of the hybrid man and animal-like traits. Each one has a distinct personality complete with separate traits and spectacular individual style.

The personality traits of the Fangsters range from common to uncommon and from rare to mythic giving buyers a wide selection to choose from. There is no doubt that some of them are doper than the others, but they’re all terrific.
Since the inspiration comes from street gangs, you can also go. For the gang leader tokens. Some Fangsters are Special 1/1 editions. We expect these to sell out fast so don’t wait for divine intervention to buy these collectibles.

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How To Buy These Incredible Fang Gang NFTs

How To Buy Fang Gang NFT
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Available on the Open Sea marketplace under the “buy now”, “On Auction”, “New” and “Has Offers” categories, traders can get their hands on these randomly generated tokens right now. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you would already know that the NFT space is immensely remunerative with some very promising projects at present. the Open Sea Platform features artworks from the most remarkably talented artists and creators around the world.

Fang Gang NFT Roadmap And Other Details

The Fangsters project has long term plans to create sustained value with their community-focused initiatives. The Fang Gang NFT project conducts several giveaways and airdrops for the community members. If you are lucky enough, you may be able to get your hands on some of the special pieces that are auctioned within the collection.

Some of the most notable projects that Fangsters has collaborated with are PixelHans, dubbed the ‘Son of NFTs’; FatBaby, supreme artist extraordinaire; and CryptoPervs, OG of the pervy pixels. There are several other collaborations underway. The team also plans to conduct huge events including ETH and Fang Gang NFT giveaways to holders.

Fang Gang NFT Collectibles Sale Statistics:

  • The unique Fang Gang NFT were sold 2840 times in the last 7 days. 
  • The total sales volume for Fang Gang was $3.13M. 
  • The median price of one Fang Gang NFT was $1.1k.
  • 10% of the Fang Gang sales were recorded for less than $430. Around 50% of the sales were for less than $1013. 
  • Also, the top-selling ten per cent were sold for $1532 or higher.
Fang Gang NFT Collectibles Sale Statistics
Source: Nft-stats

As many as 11,316 Fang Gang NFTs were sold in the last 30 days.

What Is The Price Of Fang Gang Collectible?

The most expensive Fang Gang NFT artwork sale in the last 30 days was for Fangster 6466. It was sold for $24k on 2021-09-01 around 28 days ago.

The cheapest Fang Gang NFT sales in the last 30 days were recorded below $341. The highest sales were for over $1302. The average price in the last 30 days was $974.

Fang Gang NFT Bottom Line

Backed by a team of seasoned developers, creators, and designers, the Fangsters project has long term plans to create sustained value with its community-focused initiatives. You can check out their Instagram and Twitter handles to stay abreast of their latest developments. They also have a vibrant community on Telegram.

Striving to achieve sustainable and prolonged growth with the project the Fang Gang NFT team plans to collaborate with other projects in the ecosystem. With several contemporary projects in the NFT space at present, this one stands out with its distinguished competitive advantages over other digital collectibles.

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