Shadow Quest NFT project is a collection of 9996 NFTs (8897 Basic warriors and 999 Special ones) – and the project is amazing for 3 primary reasons – it has got great artworks, strategic P2E gaming, and immersive lore.

The Shadow Quest NFT was deployed on a new contract – ERC – 721: Shadow. Due to that, the gas fees are 68% less than the usual ERC-721 contract (BAYC, Azuki, etc).

The artwork is inspired by the Dark fantasy anime – the Shadow Quest game is designed by the Wolf game – and there are daily staking rewards.

So, if you wish to know more about the Shadow Quest NFT project, read this article thoroughly, as we will open up some of the most amazing features, will discuss their roadmap – and will also analyze their price stats.

Shadow Quest NFT: A Quick Overview (As Of 4th March 2022)

  • Total Number of NFTs: 10K
  • Shadow Quest NFT Floor Price: 0.17 ETH
  • Total Traded Volume: 1.5K ETH
  • Number of Owners: 731

Shadow Quest NFT: Begin Your Quest Against The Darkness

Shadow Quest NFT Floor Price

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Shadow Quest NFT is asking you to be a part of the next-gen NFT staking and gaming in the ancient land of Ashtaar. Built on the Ethereum Blockchain, the Shadow Quest NFT project is offering you two types of NFTs – The warrior NFTs (minting chance – 90%) and The Samsar NFTs (minting chance – 10%).

Ashtaar is built with 5 nations (Kiroh, Shiryo, Midsurin, Yama, and Engan) – and the Smasars are getting ready to unleash their terror to end the century-long conflict and tension. The warrior NFTs will need to train hard and stand up against the fearsome Samsars to keep Ashtaar safe.

Warrior NFTs are the common or basic type of “GEN0” NFTs where each warrior has different attributes, art, and stats.

Samsar NFTs are rare NFTs – they are more powerful and capable of stealing $HONR Tokens and minting the “GEN1” warriors.

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Shadow Quest NFT: Important Dates And Mint Price

The presale of Shadow Quest NFT happened on 18th February 2022. The Shadow Quest NFT presale was only restricted to members on Discord and Twitter.

The Public sale happened on 26th February 2022 where the Shadow Quest NFT mint price was 0.075 ETH + Gas Fees

As mentioned above, the Shadow Quest NFT developers have created the ERC -721 Shadow contract from the scratch. This is a 256-bit contract, specially optimized to reduce gas fees.

According to the official announcements, the Shadow Quest NFT mint price has been reduced by a minimum of 30%, while the staking fees have been reduced by 50% – everything to ensure better rewards and frequent airdrops.

For example, if someone mints 5 Shadow Quest Warrior NFTs in one transaction, the total gas fee would be roughly USD 23 i.e. not even USD 5 gas paid for an NFT.

$HONR Token – Play > Earn > Grow

Simply put, the $HONR (sounds like honor) Token is an ERC 20 Token that will steer the Shadow Quest game and the overall community.

There are a total of 5 Billion $HONR Tokens in circulation. To maintain the circulation, the developers have ensured that every time the token is used to mint GEN1 NFTs or to buy in-game items, they will be re-deployed into the staking location.

The game currency or the $HONR Token can be earned by staking your warriors at the training ground and the battlefield.

For example, the player can earn 3K $HONR Tokens by staking them at the training ground. However, if you stake your warrior NFT at the battlefield, you can win 1K $HONR Tokens per hour.

Exploring The Shadow Quest NFT Roadmap

To increase the engagement of the community, the developers have implemented several strategic elements to the Shadow Quest game as well as the Lore. As you grow your character, the risks will get higher – so does the rewards ($HONR Tokens).

Although this is a PVP game, you will have to use your motor skills to create the best strategy possible. To offer a real-world feel, the developers have added an armory to upgrade your weapons – a Bank to stash your $HONR Tokens.

As the players will keep on completing the quests, new staking locations will be opened that will be more competitive and will test a player’s strength and braveness.

To keep the gameplay interesting, the developers will release rare PVP battles where Player number 1 on the Leader board will be challenged by Player number 2 – it would surely be an amazing battle to watch.

That is not it – there will be PVP team battles where you can team up with others to have a more interactive gameplay experience. To take our interests further, the developers have also stated that they have “huge plans and epic dreams”, which will be decided through community votes.

The Shadow Quest NFT

Rarity FactorHow To Buy Shadow Quest NFT

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Shadow Quest NFT’s rarity reflects the project’s huge potential. To ensure the rarity as well as the warrior-like personality of the characters, Incredible Talia (The main designer) has used different arts, attributes, and stats.

The warrior NFTs are the basic ones, so the rarity score will be higher for a Samsar NFT. Make sure to check the Shadow Quest NFT rarity before bidding.

How To Buy Shadow Quest NFTs?

If you have missed the presale and public sale, there is nothing to worry about. You can still get them at the Shadow Quest NFT OpenSea marketplace.

To buy or bid on a Shadow Quest NFT, all you have to do is to connect your wallet with the OpenSea platform (make sure you have enough ETH coins available).

Future for Shadow Quest NFT

Reduced gas fees, staking options with most rewards, interactive PVP – P2E gameplay, and a fruitful roadmap – all these things are pointing towards the success of the project. P2E NFT games are always rewarding – and the project is likely to progress far in the future – and so will the owners.

As of 4th March 2022, Shadow Quest NFT Twitter has 6.9K followers, while the Shadow Quest NFT Discord has 9.4K members.

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