Winter Bears NFT is a collection of 10K cute adorable-cutest Polar bears available on the Ethereum Blockchain – waiting for you to be adopted.

Nushi. eth – the father, the creator of the Winter Bears NFTs have designed each polar bear with more than 150 distinct features. According to the Winter Bears NFT official website, these adorable polar bears will have a crucial role in the coming DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization created by DeFi trailblazers.

The Winter Bears NFT team has also assured that there will be future NFT drops and amazing royalties and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

What Are Winter Bears NFT Collectibles?

Winter Bears NFT Collectibles
Source: Winter bears nft

The Winter Bear designers have a long history of working in Decentralized Finance. Nushi. eth and Winter Bears NFT team have been working on Ethereum Community for 5 years. They have also been collecting NFT since its inception and soon realized that it has a connecting power – which leads them to design Winter Bears NFTs.

Winter Bears NFT is a set of 10000 unique Polar bears with more than 150 individual features. From a rarity perspective, some Polar bears are more special i.e. rarer than the rest. During the minting procedure, each winter bear costs 0.03 ETH.

From Mexican hat Winter Bear to the lazy eyes, each polar bear is unique from another and has a different rarity score.
The designer team has classified the rarity scores into 5 tiers, which are

  1. Aurora (has the rarest winter bears)
  2. Avalanche
  3. Blizzard
  4. Frost
  5. Snow

How To Adopt The Winter Bears?

As soon as the minting goes live, you can adopt as many as 20 polar bears in one transaction. However, the Winter Bears NFT team has also warned the buyers to ensure that they have enough ETH to pay for the additional gas prices. They have added that the bear admirer cannot be too slow, as if the Bears are gone, the entire transaction will likely fail.

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How To Join Winter Bears Community?

As Winter Bears make adorable Profile Pictures, you may easily find Winter Bears NFT Collectors on Twitter and Discord. Besides, you may also follow the team on their official Winter Bears Twitter and Winter Bears Discord account to mix with the community.

Winter Bears NFT Collectibles: How they are planning the future?
Upon sellout, the Winter Bears NFT team has committed to donating USD 40K to She’s the first & Polar Bears International.

Apart from that, they have promised the following on their official website:

  • There will be Winter Bears Drops for 3 lucky collectors after 25% minting
  • Upon reaching 50% minting, there will be a Winter Bears animated short film
  • At 75% minting, there will be Winter Bears merch store and gifts
  • When the minting will conclude i.e. reach 100%, the Winter Bears team will organize a DJ party in the Metaverse

Winter Bears NFTs: What Is The Ongoing Floor Price?

Winter Bears NFTs Sales Statistics
Source: Nft-stats

Winter Bears NFT: Latest price trends (As of 30th September 2021)

A total of 10K Winter Bears NFT Collectibles are available at the OpenSea Marketplace. The current floor price for the Winter Bears NFT collectible is 0.34 ETH. The traded volume amount is 2.8K ETH with 3.9K owners. 

Winter Bears NFT: Trade Amount (As of 30th September 2021)

According to, the Winter Bears NFT trade for the last 7 days was like the flowing: 

  • Winter Bears NFTs were sold 9587 times 
  • The trading volume was USD 8.05M
  • The average selling price was USD 840 

7 days statistics for Winter Bears NFT Collectibles (as of 30th September 2021):

  • 10% Winter Bears NFT collectibles were sold for less or equal to USD 269
  • 50% Winter Bears NFT collectibles were sold for less or equal to USD 598
  • Top 10% Winter Bears NFT collectibles were sold for equal to or more than USD 1580

How To Buy Winter Bears NFT Collectibles?

Winter Bears NFTs are available for adoption at OpenSea and Rarible. You can place your bid at both NFT marketplaces and claim your adorable Winter Bears. 

To place your bid on Winter Bears NFTs, you need to log in to your MetaMask wallet first. 
Once you’re logged in to your wallet, make sure that they are linked to OpenSea and Rarible. (If not, connect it)
Now, you can scroll through the NFT Marketplace to find the cutest Winter Bears, or categorized them according to their rarity from Rarity. tools and bid on the rarest ones.


It’s not just because the winter bears are adorable, they are designed by individuals with years of experience in the Ethereum Blockchain. The future roadmap of Winter Bears seems quite uplifting. 

Besides, the Winter Bears NFT creators have also promised to take this phenomenon to the next level and come up with amazing incentive plans like Winter Bears NFT Drops and royalties in their upcoming DAO.

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