Seeing how fantastic the year 2021 was for NFT Collectibles, we enter 2022 with the launch of the most iconic NFT in town, Phanta Bear NFT! 

Phanta Bear NFT  is a new Ethereum based NFT project which consists of 10,000 unique algorithmically created NFT collectables that can be used as premium and exclusive membership certificates to the Ezek Club. This project was launched by Ezek Club, a digital club based in Asia which made a record by gaining 30,000 members in the first five days of their launch on Discord, and PHANTACi, a trendy fashion brand created by none other than the King of Mandipop, Jay Chou. He is a popular Taiwanese performer and businessman. 

Every character in the Phanta Bear NFT collectibles has distinctive features and provides its owners with specific access to Ezek Club as well as to the Matrix World, which is a programmable 3D Multichain Metaverse.

Each Phanta Bear NFT has two shiny star-shaped eyes and they wear trendy fashion wearables designed under the banner of PHANTACi, Jay Chou’s fashion brand. Not just that, the owners of Phanta Bear NFT will also get to relish so many other perks in the Matrix World Metaverse as well as in real life.

Launch Date January 1, 2021
Phanta Bear NFT Mint Price 0.26 ETH
Phanta Bear NFT Items 10,000
Unique Owners 4,400
Phanta Bear NFT Floor Price (Current) 0.379 ETH
Volume Traded 1.5 K ETH


(The above details stand valid as of 15th January 2022 from Phanta Bear NFT Opensea)

The core team of Phanta Bear NFTs includes its Co-Founder Will L, who is a lyricist with the King of Mandipop aka Jay Chou; its other Co-Founder is Mark G, who is a filmmaker and lastly, its technical Co-Founder is Ed Ow, who is a successful businessman. Moreover, the Ezek Club has partnered with Matrix Labs, the creators of the next generation Metaverse project, Matrix World. 

PhantaBear NFTs Roadmap: Important Phases. 

The Phanta Bear Road Map is divided into four distinct streamlined phases as elaborated below.

Phase one correlates to the launching of Phanta Bear NFT. On 1st January 2022 Phanta Bear NFT, as well as the platform, get launched. The most exciting part about this launch is the fact that owners get premium and exclusive membership of the ezek club!

Phase two would take place in the first three months of the year 2022. Phase 2 would have a community vote for the best four Phanta Bears! And guess what, the winning Phanta Bears would be featured in the PHANTACi Spring 2022 collection! Imagine having your Phanta Bear on the accessories of the Hottest Asian Fashion Brand!   Not just that, Matrix World would start hosting Ezek virtual concerts exclusively for Phanta Bear NFT owners.

Phanta Bear NFT Initial Sale

Phase three would take place in the second quarter of the year 2022. Did you know, Phanta Bear NFT owns a chunk of land in the Matrix World Metaverse, and guess what, members can own a part of that land! 

The last and final phase, Phase four of Phanta Bear NFT Road Map would allow all Ezek NFT owners (not just Phanta Bear NFT owners) to access all virtual concerts at the Matrix World Clubhouse.

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Phanta Bear NFT Initial Sale & Mint Price!

Phanta Bear NFT How To Buy

The launch date of Phanta Bear NFT was on 1st January 2022. 10,000 Phanta Bear NFT items were offered at a mint price of .26 ETH. There are 4,400 unique owners of Phanta Bear NFT and the current floor price is 0.379 ETH as of 2nd January 2022. In total, 1,500 ETH volumes have been traded as of 2nd January 2022.

As of 2nd January 2022, the most expensive Phanta Bear NFT character sold has been Phanta Bear #9999 for a whopping 20 ETH which converts to 75,068.80 US Dollars (as per exchange rates on 2nd January 2022).

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Phanta Bear NFT Price Prediction

Because of the fact that PhantaBear NFT was launched on the 1st of January 2022, there isn’t enough data to analyze the technical as well as fundamental parameters of this digital collectable asset. Despite the lack of quality quantitative data, factors like the celebrity endorsement which Phanta Bear NFT has received from the King of Mandipop, Jay Chow it seems that the future is in favour of this digital asset. Also, seasoned investors are keen about the Matrix World Metaverse plans that Phanta Bear NFT has laid out for itself in its Road Map. And lastly, keeping in mind the fervor amongst community members around Phanta Bear NFT and the viral growth of the Ezek Discord server, experts are bullish about Phanta Bear NFT as a long term investment option.

Phanta Bear NFT How To Buy?

Phanta Bear NFT can be bought on their official website. Apart from that option, Phanta Bear NFT can also be bought at Opensea, which is the largest market for NFTs in the world. Because of the craze around the Phanta Bear NFT and the value, holds several fake channels have also been created to cheat buyers. So always make sure that you buy from a reliable and credible source.


In summary, Phanta Bear NFT is one of the first prominent NFTs from Asia and it has solid Metaverse plans and a strong celebrity endorsement. All these factors make PhantaBear NFT a promising and valuable NFT collectable. 

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